31 Days of Horror Movie Reviews: #18 Caught


Happy 18th Day of Halloween, one and all!!!!

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To celebrate out 3rd Thursday of Halloween, I offer up the UK’s 2017, Caught!

A journalist and his wife are investigating some strange goings on in a nearby area of their small village. Suspecting that environmental violations or military dealing may be occurring where they are trying to raise their small family. When a strange couple visits their home to ask them a few questions about what they have seen.

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For the next 60 minutes we watch out couple try to figure out just why theses strangers have come, when they never even found any evidence.

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Slowly we realize that our uninvited guests are not what they appear to be as the female begins to go almost rabid!

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Caught is able to keep a good amount of tension for most of the movie. Leaving us trying to figure our just who these intruders are and how our couple is going to make it out in time to save their newborn and their son who is due home from school very shortly.

That being said, Caught is lacking in other areas though. Keeping the entire movie in one small house, they really needed to up the action, the violence and the effects.

That being said Caught caught itself….

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31 Days of Horror Movie Reviews: #17 Ghostland


Happy 17th Day of Halloween!!!!!

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Today we get spooky with 2018’s Incident in a Ghostland!

Mom Pauline, Mylene Farmer, and her 2 daughters, Vera, Anastasia Phillips, and Beth, Crystal Reed, end move into a remote home formerly owned by an aunt. Their 1st night in the home there’s a vicious home invasion.

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We fast forward a few years, and Beth is a successful writer who has just released her latest story Incident in a Ghostland, which happens to be the heroic tale of how her and her family survived that horrific evening of the invasion.

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The release seems to have stirred up old, unresolved issues for Vera though. Beth races back to the home where her mother and sister still reside only to be drawn into the insanity her sister is still living in.

This movie has a lot to offer, from the initial violent home invasion, to the mysterious hallucinations Vera seems to be manifesting, the violent nature of the attacks, the cringe worthy effects, even the acting is pretty decent.

Incident in a Ghostland even offers up a clever twist!! The only problem is they try to use this same twist more than once in the film, which NEVER works!! You can only do the magic trick once and have it work!! 

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In the end, Incident in a Ghostland gets…

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It’s definitely worth a watch, just don’t get your hopes too high!!

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31 Days of Horror Movie Reviews: #16 Ryde


Happy 16th Day of Halloween!!!!

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Today we discuss 2017’s Ryde!

Ryde takes the ever growing, ride sharing business and gives it a horror spin. Making all of us question if we are truly safe when we get in a stranger’s car! I mean our whole lives we are told don’t get in a strangers car, and here we are requesting strangers to come pick us up at our homes and take us to some of our favorite spots! Sounds like the perfect set up for a horror movie right? 

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We end up following our Ryde driver, Paul, played by Daivid Wachs, as he picks up potential victim after potential victim throughout the evening.

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Since most of us have used a ride sharing service like Lyft, it puts us on edge immediately, because we’ve all had that same thought when we get in “are you gonna kill me?” LOL!! Hell, I’ve even asked drivers before getting in! LOLOL!!!

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The sad thing is that Ryde is too predictable to be scary or even entertaining! The kills aren’t gory enough, we know what’s going to happen, and the acting isn’t great enough to make it worth the effort.

Ryde ends up getting…

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And that’s only for the concept of the flick, the execution was severally lacking!

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31 Days of Horror Movie Reviews: #15 Hereditary


Happy 3rd week of Halloween!!!

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Today I bring you a new family classic, 2018’s Hereditary!! 

I can 100% say I loved this flick!

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Sadly, to get the full experience it’s better to know as little as possible when going in to it. That being said I’m going to do my best to tell you why Hereditary is so great without telling you too much! (Wish me luck!)

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The basic story is our lead, Annie, Toni Collette, and her family are dealing with the recent death of her mother, a rather mysterious and private woman. The reason for the mothers secrecy is really the driving force of this creep-tastic flick.

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Another fun aspect of this film is the unique quirkiness of some of the characters. Mom, Annie, specializes in realistic miniatures, where she creates real life scenes, some rather disturbing ones too. 

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Charlie, played by Milly Shapiro, likes to create robot like figures out of unusual found object.

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As the strange and secret past of grandma starts to seep out, another horrific tragedy befalls the family. This one hits so hard and suddenly, and its so truly cringe-worthy that it catches you off guard. This is really where the movie starts to accelerate and keeps going, steadily amping up the creeps and the violence.

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Another truly remarkable features of this film is the incredible film style and editing! But what brings the entire film together and pushes it over the top is the incredible acting in this flick. Toni Collette deserves every damn award out there for her performance in this film. Not that anyone in this movie gives anything less than 100%, Collette just manages to sell it at such an eerily real and haunting level, that she steals every scene, and elevates Hereditary to another level.

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With all this being said, it should be no surprise that Hereditary gets…

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31 Days of Horror Movie Reviews: #14 Boarding School


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Happy 14th day of Halloween!!!

Today on this 2nd week of Halloween we take a look at 2018’s Boarding School!!

Jacob, Luke Prael,  a kid suffering from some weird night terrors/nightmares, is shipped off to a boarding school to eliminate stress on his mom and step dad.

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Once at this secluded “boarding school”, Jacob is introduced to a small handful of odd kids that are to be his peers.

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Now, child actors rarely impress me, they usually annoy the hell out of me, especially in horror. I find it hard to make kids scary. Maybe being a parent and dealing with the horrors that comes along with that pressure that makes kids in general more vulnerable that intimidating. The one exception to this is, Eden Lake!! The kids in this movie scare the HELL out of me!!!

Not that this flick is trying to make the kids scary, it does make them vulnerable victims. The main point is that our lead actor, Luke Prael, does a pretty good job in this flick. Which is a big compliment from me! LOL!!

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That being said…

Boarding School should have actually been called Boring School!! We get a tiny thread of a story about Jacob’s kick ass gramma, who he never even knew, that keeps popping up throughout the flick. Sadly, as interesting as this story is, it just muddies the film too much to have any real value!

The general premise behind the movie is pretty sick and twisted, we come to find that…

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The kids are being sent there, simply because they are unwanted by their own parents. 

Despite this wickedly fun twist, Boarding School was just too slow, boring and lacking to keep my interest. Therefore, it gets…

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31 Days of Horror Movie Reviews: #13 The Cured


Happy Saturday the 13th all my horror loving, Halloween worshiping hellions!!!

To celebrate this lucky number we will be taking a creep peek at 2017’s The Cured

The Cured, takes an interesting approach to the, sometimes to played out, zombie genre. Sam Keeley, plays Senan a former zombie who has now been “cured” and is trying to integrate back into society.

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Needless to say not many survivors are too keen on accepting these once flesh eating “cured” back into there towns. Trying to put the pieces of her life back together, after loosing her husband during the zombie outbreak, we have Abbie, played by Ellen Page.

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Senan, happens to be Abbie’s dead husbands brother, which also makes him the uncle to her young son. So there is a wonderful tension that plays between the family as a whole. We aren’t quite sure if this “cure” is actually effective, is Senan gonna turn on Abbie, or even the little boy. We’re kept on the edge of our seat just waiting to see what will happen.

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The other great part of this flick is that you get a behind the scenes peek at what it was like to be a zombie!!

Through Z.A. meetings (Zombie Anonymous) LOL!!! And conversations between the former zombies, we learn just how much each former zombie remembers and what it was like to be a flesh eating fiend.

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Sadly, not all zombies were able to be cured, so now the powers that be need to decide what to do with the remaining, rabid infected parties. We get to the heart of the matter, are they even people anymore, if not what does that make those who were cured?

We end up with an all out brawl between the “cured” the uncured, and those never infected. Not only was this a wonderful twist on a tired genre, I think it lends itself to a reflection on our society in general. Are those who were once incarcerated, whether criminally or for mental health reasons, are they treated equally now, or are they still ostracized by society, and how do they deal with that, or how does one correct it?? 

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The Cured surprised me, if simply because I had never heard anyone talk about it before, and it was such a unique approach to a beloved horror sub-genre!

That being said, The Cured gets…

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31 Days of Horror Movie Reviews: #12 Truth or Dare


Happy 12th Day of Halloween!!!!

To celebrate this 2nd Freaky Friday of Halloween we will take a creep at 2018’s Truth or Dare!! 

The plot is a simple one, a group of friends are tricked into an innocent game of truth or dare only to find out that the game has a mind, or should I say demon of it’s own. 

Sounds fun and semi-plausible right?! I mean, who among us hasn’t played truth or dare and had shit go horribly awry??!!! LOL!!!

The major difference with this version is that is anyone doesn’t do the dare, refuses the challenge, or lies, well… they DIE!!! Amps up the game a bit more eh?!

We follow our little core crew of friends around as the game starts to reveal itself and gets these college buddies to start telling the truth, which we all know can be very horrifying. The truth about our feelings for someone who you shouldn’t have feelings for, coming out to a parent, having to confess an awful secret, all things that our crew would much rather take a dare than do. 

As the intensity of the challenges increase our pack of pals starts dying off the survivors begin to try and decipher just how to make it stop. As with most mediocre horror flicks, we do get our explanation via a mysterious stranger. I guess most people enjoy these scenes where the riddle is unraveled, but I’m never impressed by them. Hell, sometimes I’m downright annoyed with them!!

So now we have our happy ending solution and our final crew gets down to the business of handling this “evil” we get our final girl(s) moment… and it’s a bit of a let down. I’m sure the creators are happy because it lends itself to sequel(s) but I wasn’t impressed.

I’m not saying Truth or Dare was bad… It did have a fairly clever premise, the acting wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t great either. It was lacking enough truly horrific moments though. And the use of a weak Snapchat smile filter was a bit lame.

Truth or Dare felt like a mash up pf It Follows, and Final Destination, both of which are far superior horror flicks. So… in the end Truth or Dare gets…


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