Horror Hound Weekend 2016!!!!


Hey guys and ghouls!!! This past weekend I had the pleasure of vending at one of my very favorite horror conventions, Horror Hound!!

Image result for horror hound

Many of you may know Horror Hound as a fabulous horror magazine, but they also throw 2 annual shows to help bring the horror community together and celebrate all things creepy!!

I wanted to share just a few highlights of my creeptacular weekend!!

I had the pleasure of getting to snap pics with some pretty big names like….

David Arquette, from Scream, and 8 Legged Freaks and…

Ted Raimi, from Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness, Spider-Man, Drag Me to Hell, Xena: Warrior Princess, and on an on!!

I also had the pleasure of having a few moments to chat with…

Pro Wrestler Kevin Thorn, and Nick Servies, from Scarlet Lane Brewing, who made a custom beer for Horror Hound!!! Such a cool idea, and a tasty beer to boot!!!

I was booth neighbors with one of the original Horror Hosts, Fritz The Night Owl!!

I got to share a few laughs with Jason Lively from Night of the Creeps, and A. Michael Lerner from The Curse of Michael Meyers, even a new friend Heather!!

Alan Kayser, the Bradster, from Night of the Creeps…

We even had dinner with Jill Whitlow from Night of the Creeps, Gary Riley from Summer School, and a whole crew of new and old friends!!

Along with all these wonderfully welcoming and awesome guests, Horror Hound hosts, Mask Fest, which is packed with talented artists!! Like the crew at Devil’s Workshop who made this gorgeous mask!!

Black Heart Enterprises made these amazingly detailed busts, that blew my mind!!

This bust of Ray Harryhausen, surrounded by all his creations had to be my favorite though!


Sometimes these creations are just there to creep you out!!!

And some are there to make you squeal with geekly delight!!!

To round out this fun filled fright fest Horror Hound packs the rooms with vendors, like yours truly. Artists who work on slightly smaller scales than the sculptors and special effects artists from Mask Fest, but who are equally talented and amazing!!

Here are just a small selection of my favorite things I saw!


I ended up getting my daughter one of these fabulously, meticulously created, 3D shadow boxes from Bob’s Burgers, of…..

Image result for the equestranauts

She of course flipped for it!!

Friends of mine bought this super dope shadow box of The Goonies

from another friend of mine over at Zombie-Works!

Tons of items caught my eye!!!

These great magnets were done by Marc Samson Designs!! You know I had to get one!






And here’s what my booth looked like….

filled with pretty little dead things!!

It pretty obvious that Horror Hound Weekend is a BLAST, and I encourage all horror geeks and freaks alike to make it a point to come out next March and join the fun!!!

Let me know if you have a favorite horror convention that you go to, they are being held all across the world!!!

Next up for me will be Cinema Wasteland, a hometown favorite that always feels more like a fun, friendly, freak family reunion, and I ALWAYS look forward to it!!!



Just Jen’s Top 10 80’s Horror Movies


Hey Guys!! I just finished recording my Top 10 Horror Movies of the 80’s video! While it was super fun to make the list, I also found it very hard to limit myself to only 10!! So… I’ve decided to make an:

Honorable Mention List

(In no particular order…)

Yep… the original Friday the 13th! This classic will always hold a place in my heart. It features the ever lovable Kevin Bacon in one of his first feature length films, and although Pamela Voorhees, played by the remarkable Betsy Palmer, is the actual killer in this flick, Jason Voorhees, grows to become one the horror genre’s most recognizable and iconic killers. Along with that killer soundtrack created by Harry Manfredini, Its a true 80’s slasher flick that (did I mention?) was co-written by the super fabulous Victor Miller.

Fright Night is still one of my favorite Vampire movies to this day! This poster alone is also just too fabulous not to comment on, just look at how awesome that design is!! Fright Night combines the best parts of the 80’s cheese and fun horror make up and effects to make it a classic to me. I just love the idea of the late night horror host being asked to deal with real life vampires too! Everyone in the movie is so well cast, and each of them give just the right amount of heavy handed, overacting to their character, but it never tips too far, just enough to make it enjoyable!!

The Howling! Another great movie poster!! I swear they don’t make better posters than they did in the 80’s!!! This one sticks with me because I saw it on TV when I was too young to be watching such horrors! When she transforms into a werewolf on TV!!!! WHAT???? So amazingly scarring to my tender psyche!! I LOVE IT!

Something Wicked This Way Comes! I still love watching this a Halloween time! It just sings of my childhood, and makes me smile!

Re-Animator! Need I say more?? Such great gags and special effects!!

The Fly, by David Cronenberg! Cronenberg plays up the grossness of the transformation/mutation too wonderfully not to deserve a mention!

OK, so this is clearly not the original movie poster, but this design was too great not to share!! Check out the artist and some of his other sweet designs out HERE!! Silver Bullet is another movie I watched over and over again as a kid, I know its cheesy, but I LOVED it! Corey Haim was always a favorite of mine, and eventually Everett McGill, the werewolf preacher, would grow to be a fave of mine as well!

Another great example of diggity dope 80’s cover art!! Night of the Creeps, another great typically 80’s horror movie, with such quintessential 80’s costuming and hair! Too perfectly 80’s not to be given a mention!

Cannibal Holocaust, simply because it is too important in the history of the horror genre not to give it a shout out. So shocking for its time, and the first time a found footage movie like this was made! So much so that people believed it was real, and held director Ruggero Deodato in police custody until he could prove that the actors were in fact still alive! This is the start of the found footage horror movie, as far as I am aware of.

If you haven’t see the YouTube video of my top 10, here’s the list:












Living Dead Dolls Series 31… Don’t Turn Out the Lights!!


Well, fellow Living Dead Dolls freaks and fans, they have finally arrived!!!! We just received Series 31 Don’t Turn Out the Lights Living Dead Dolls, and I couldn’t be more pleased!!! I really feel LDD have stepped up their game with these little creepy cuties.

The set of 5 dolls, Umbral, Thump, Bea Neath, Kreek, and The Dark, come in the classic black coffin, that shows the subtlest signs of a grey wood grain. I do kind of miss the old school coffins that had the handles on the sides, but as long as they keep the classic coffin boxes I’m happy.


Let’s start with the top left doll, Umbral.  First off, you should know what umbral actually means: It is a dark area, especially the blackest part of a shadow from which all light is cut off. Astrologically speaking, it is the completely dark central portion of the shadow cast by the earth, moon, or other body during an eclipse. So Umbral is basically the essence of complete darkness and all that hides within that secretive place! Pretty cool, huh??!!!


I think collectors are going to flip over her, I know I did!! Her body is actually 2 toned, the top half of her body being a dark coal black and then it fades translucent mid torso down to her bare toes. I like to think she’s black at the top half to hide better in the dark corners of your bedroom, and ghostly transparent on the bottom so she’s able to glide effortlessly across your floor without you even spying her! She has piercing red eyes with a werewolf yellow pupil, that give her a wonderfully vacant, yet knowing stare! Umbral’s hair is long, black, and velvety, with the softest of waves in it that give the effect of being wind blown and ethereal.

Her dress… well, to put it simply, it’s GOTH-TASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a dress that would delight Morticia Addams!!

The fabric is lusciously soft, and the cut would make any goth girl faint with rapture! It has extra long belled sleeves, to hide her clutching fingers, with adorably puffed shoulders. The front of the dress has 2 hidden snaps right at and above the empire waist, and has a series of 9 shiny black faux buttons from the neckline down to the hem of this fantastic frock, the bottom edge is a thick, witchy zig-zag cut. What I adore most about this dress though is its hood, which actually has a thin wire running through it allowing you to shape it around Umbral’s gorgeous face!!! This is such a wonderful detail to add, and it makes a world of difference in how the complete doll looks!

Next to our little goddess of goth is one of my personal favorites… Thump!! Thump has one of the coolest paint jobs I’ve seen on a LDD in a long while!! His head looks like it must be from a variant because it actually has holes where the eyes should be, as opposed to being painted on. So, his eyes are missing, and in their place are 2 gaping black holes!! His face being painted a bone white, with a gray shadowing around the empty sockets, somehow makes them seem even more empty and menacing. Atop this sinister face sits a crown of the cutest curls, that could be compared to the hunky Benedict Cumberbatch’s in the Sherlock series!!


Now his high collared coat, which is phenomenal and I’ll get into that later, the collar not only looks super stylish, it hides the rest of his meticulous paint job. Thump has no distinguishable lips, rather he has a painted on jagged bloody line that splits his lower jaw from the rest of his face. The blood red edge fades into a gum colored pink, and slowly gives way for his slightly yellowed fangs that grow down his would be chin. Even the teeth show shades of yellow and cream to really enhance the ferocity of his animal like grin. Past his beastly jaw, the blackness spills down his chest into a crack that splits him down to his belly, the entire length, contoured with blood red, revealing peaking pairs of eyes. I can only imagine these are the suffering eyes of all the souls Thump has devoured!!

Thump’s entire body is the ghostly bone white color, even his clawed fingers, which look as though they could rip a trembling body to shreds!! The coat he wears to hide his horrific disfigurements, along with his collection of victims, is actually a soft fluffed felt-like material, which looks more like a thick wool. The double breasted coat is adorned with 10 faux antique brass buttons down the front, along with buttons over the faux front pockets, the cuffs of his sleeves, along with the epaulettes, or shoulder tabs. This coat was made for the coolest of hipsters and creepsters alike!! Thump also has killer gold and black striped skinny pants that are complimented by his black and gold laced boots!!

We next take a closer look at Bea Neath! Bea Neath is just too perfectly, pretty in pink!! Her soft cupcake pink hair, falls well past her shoulders, and frames her hungry face with delicate bangs! Her pail pink eye shadow shapes her browless eyes in to that of a demon, punctuated with red sclera, white pupils, and just the faintest touch of baby blue, almost a glimpse of the sweet child she may have once been, before the hunger took hold! Her curled up, malevolent smile reveals rows of blood stained teeth, so much blood that it has spilled out onto her pale white skin and is now smeared across her mouth.


Bea Neath’s dress is a vintage baby-doll style dress, the epitome of what you would expect to see being worn by an innocent child of almost any era!  It has an oversized, white, velvety textured, Peter Pan collar, an adorable petite black bow, and a row of 3 dainty faux black shiny buttons. The empire waist dress is thinly striped black and or course, pink. She’s also wearing black leggins and has on sweet little Mary Jane style black shoes, with faux bow and scallops! She is devilishly darling, all blushed in pink, she is sure to leave many a victim in her wake.

Kreek, reminds me of Michael Myers from John Carpenter’s Halloween for some reason. It may be the hair, his blank stare, or just the eerie feeling he gives me! Whatever the reason, I adore this little creep!


Kreek, is the same translucent shade as the bottom half of Umbral, but his entire body is this ghostly hue. I love the fact that he has almost a pompadour style do going on, it even has the feel of being gelled back. At the base of his stylishly coiffed hair he has a black crack that creeps down his forehead, just a little over from that starts the stream of blood gushing down his face.

He as empty black eyes, with white pupils, showing just a hint of a sweet baby blue, to falsely lure you closer to him. This along with his easy, almost calming smirk, you can easily understand how someone might fall prey to him!

Kreek, has on a thick chevron patterned coat in blue and black that is adorned with 5 real, sewn on buttons! This jacket is not quite as fancy as Thump’s, but the material is still a great thik textured fabric that is perfect for this doll! The rest of his outfit consists of a cream-colored faux button-down shirt with a suit vest over top. The vest itself has 3 antique brass buttons on it, and it is the same material and green brown color of Kreek’s short pants. The entire outfit reminds me of 1900’s school boy outfit, right down to over-the-knee black socks and black boots! Kreek’s innocent attire and violent persona gives a wonderful juxtaposition, similar to that of of Bea Neath!!

Last, but certainly not least of Series 31, The Dark!! Just where to begin with this macabre beauty…First off we can see she has ultra luxurious hair with heavy straight bangs, which hide her empty sockets! Again, like with Thump, The Dark has the barren sockets, filled only with blackness. They are, however, enveloped in a blood-splattered red ring, spilling down her cheek, accentuated by her high angry eyebrows! The Dark’s black lips are open in a scream to reveal a bloodshot eyeball lingering in her mouth! A sight that would cause anyone’s scream to be silenced in revulsion and fear!


The Dark’s dress is a sumptuous black Victorian-style gown, with puff shoulders that drip down to a double layered bell sleeve. The bodice has 3 embroidered faux frog clasp, and has the look of having 2 layers of skirt, the top skirt is scalloped and pulled up and held with 2 dainty bows, Showing just a hint of her black Victorian boots. All of this gorgeousness is topped with a giant bow on the back of her dress, reminiscent of a bustle.

All of these dolls are truly breathtaking with an insane amount of detail and craftsmanship that went into not only their paint jobs, but also the phenomenal clothes. Every single outfit has a different material and texture, along with having their own unique accents. It gives each doll the opulence you want and deserve in your collection!!

Let me know what you think of the dolls!! Do you have a favorite? Do you think another series is superior? I’d love to hear from you!!!

And if you’re looking to buy any, just follow the links, international shipping is available too, just email for quotes!!!!!






Valentine’s Day for the Horror Fan!!!



Hello fellow horror freaks, fans and cinephiles!! With Valentine’s Day fast approaching I wanted to offer up some fun alternatives to the traditional activities of Valentine’s Day!

Most people are busy making reservations at fancy restaurants, buying up over priced flowers, and candy, along with store bought meaningless, long winded cards!! But not you, your smart you know the way to your loved ones heart is straight through there chest!! HAHAHA!! Or better yet, straight to their heart with horror themed things they will love and cherish!!

For starters, don’t even try going out to eat, all the best places are double booked and packed with people doing their very best to act more romantic than they really are, which is always awkward for everyone. Instead stay in this year!! Lets work on a fun and heartfelt evening in.

First things first, maybe clean the house up a little, you know, clear off all the projects you’ve been working on for the past month, and make room for romance. Once that’s done, maybe find a few roses at you local shop, BEFORE Valentine’s Day, this way the price is right, and you can try to dry some of them to add some much needed black flowers to your decor.

You can get some inexpensive fabric at the fabric store, and if your lucky it will be considered Halloween, so it will be ON SALE!!!! Take said fabric and drape it across the tables, see… FANCY!!!

If you’re feeling really adventurous, try some red light bulbs, to bring in the traditional colors of the holiday!! Just look how sexy a red room can be!!!

So now the house is ready, lets figure out something tasty and holiday themed to chow down on!!

As a vegetarian, I find pasta to be an easy, quick, and cost effective meal, that is even in the color palette of the holiday. To make it super easy, I chop up my favorite fresh veggies, and add them to store bought sauce. Just saute the veggies and garlic in some oil, then pour in the sauce and let it cook down for a while. It’s delicious, and in the budget!! If your loved one, or yourself happen to be into meat, add some meat, or even make some spicy meatballs to add. OK, so I can’t have spaghetti without garlic bread, I just can’t, so get a good crusty bread from the local shop, mix up some garlic and butter, slather the bread, and oven toast it for maybe 15 minutes! Toss together a salad, and dinner is done!! (See how easy this is??!!)

I think our Valentine is coming along quite nicely, don’t you agree?

So decor… DONE, dinner… done, now… what to do??!! Well.. I am glad you asked, I have come up with a super sweet list of movies that are sure to get cupids arrows flying!!

The obvious one would be:

My Bloody Valentine, which is about group of teenagers who throw a Valentine’s Day party only to incur the vengeful wrath of a maniac donned in mining gear who goes on a murder spree. You can opt for the original 1981 version or even the 2009 remake. Either one is acceptable, but a bit too predictable for my taste.

A better choice would be:

Let the Right One In, a sweet tale about a bullied boy, whose new friend is not quite what she seems. There was an American remake as well, Let Me In, if you’d prefer not to read your movie.

I also offer up yet another creeptacular love story,

Audition, This is a Takashi Miike, classic tale of love gone awry. Aoyama, a widower decides to start dating again. Aided by a film-producer friend, Aoyama holds auditions for a fake production to function as a dating service. Proving that in all matters dealing with love, it is best to be honest from the start!! This one gets pretty intense and Takashi Miike, is known for his sadistic desire to show his audience all the unflinching, gruesome horrors he has dreamt up. The movie is subtitled though, so if you aren’t feeling that international, why not try…

Slither, from the fabulous James Gund, who brought you Guardians of the Galaxy. This movie shows just how tested the bonds of marriage can truly be, especially when a alien organism comes in and takes over your loved ones!

A slightly lesser known, but equally awesome option,

Sightseers, a fun story of a budding romance, and what it takes to make love work… compromise, taking an interest in your partners hobbies, and maybe a little murder to balance it all out!

For a truly romantic story try,



Only Lovers Left Alive! This is such a great story of eternal love, with remarkable camera movement, breathtaking details to sets, and costuming, along with phenomenal acting!! Although its not really a horror movie, it is about vampires, and it is AMAZING!!!

How about a zombie love story?

Warm Bodies, proves that love can even conquer death, or at least zombification!!

Last but most certainly not least,

The Loved Ones, now this one is a horror movie, and a damn fine one at that!! A tale of obsession, unrequited love, and bat shit craziness!!!

So there you have it a long list of movies to entertain you and your love the entire Valentine’s Day!!

Don’t think I forgot about gifts, it is traditional that you give a token of affection to your partner on this particular evening. In lieu of the traditional teddy bears, chocolates, and flowers, may I suggest a few out of the box ideas??:

Maybe some cool new clothes?


This way, next time you have a party to go to, he’s all set, and looking super dope too!!

A super cute and fun bouquet of Horror Mystery Minis, would be such a sweet idea!! Open up a box of classic horror icons, instead of a box of candy!! WAY more fun and WAY less calories!!

Another fun alternative gift idea is a Living Dead Doll!! They come in a very decorative coffin, and are filled with the bright happy faces of death!!! This little guy even has kisses to share!!

Or, if you want to go more traditional, how about Teddy Scares?? The adorable little bears who just need someone to love them!! Don’t we all need that, especially on Valentine’s Day!!

Or to keep it simple and from the heart you can even offer your Valentine a homemade card!! I offer to you some great options to cut, paste, and glitter your way to the perfect gift:




Or you can always go the old fashioned ransom letter style:


The main thing is to be creative and be yourself when coming up ideas!! Show who you are and why you are so very awesome on this day and everyday!!

Hope you all have a super fantastic, uber romantic, or friend filled fantastic Valentine’s day!!! Remember Valentine’s is about love, so make sure to show yourself a little love too!!

If you have any fun, favorite Valentine’s recipes, craft ideas, or movies, please share them!!!







FREE Living Dead Dolls!!!!!!!


You read that right, we are giving away FREE Living Dead dolls!!!!!

I have been a long time collector and fan of these fantastic little dolls, my very first doll being my beloved Lizzie Borden!!!

Once I found her I was hooked!!! My collection keeps growing each year as the wonderful people at Mezco put out new editions!!

Recently Living Dead Dolls have come out with 2 mind blowing homages, 1st to the L. Frank Baum classic The Wizard of Oz, and 2nd to the timeless entertainers, the memorable heroes of the circus, the sideshow Freak performers, Series 30!!

To make this holiday season a bit merrier for all of our fans, and fans of Living Dead Dolls, we at Cleveland Street Novelties, are giving away all 10 of these amazing dolls!!!

To enter the contest, simply subscribe to our YouTube channel, and then send me a video explaining why you deserve to win!!! 1 SUPER luck winner will get the complete 5 doll set of Lost in Oz!!

That set includes, Walpurgis as The Witch, Purdy as The Scarecrow, The Lost as Dorothy, Teddy as The Lion, and Bride of Valentine (one of my favorites) as The Tin Man!! A truly magnificent set and brilliant re-imagining of these classic characters!!

Then 5 runners up will be eligible to win 1 doll from Series 30, the Side Show Freak Show series!!

That set includes, The Madame, with her hook for a hand, Lydia the Lobster Girl, afflicted with ectrodactyly, which causes her hands to look like lobster claws. Edgrr, the 2 faced beauty, Lucy the Geek, who’s talent for decapitated chickens with her teeth won her many ovations, and Eeriel, The Fiji the Mermaid, an awe inspiring creation that teaches us to be careful of what you wish for!!!

That’s 6 winners total for these 10 CREEP-TACULAR dolls.

All entries must be submitted by December 10th, 2015!!!!!

Tofurkey goodness!!! How to survive Thanksgiving amongst the meat eaters!!


Well, Thanksgiving is upon us, and I for one cannot wait!!! You would think, as a vegetarian, I might not enjoy Thanksgiving, but I most certainly do!!! I LOVE any holiday which surrounds me with friends and family and is devoted to eating, drinking and having a wonderful time!

Since my family and I spend Thanksgiving at a friends house, being the only vegetarian, it can sometimes be a little hard to find enough sides to keep me stuffed, and I thought maybe some others out there might have the same issue. I have decided to share some of my favorite Thanksgiving dishes that happen to be free from meat but loaded with flavor and are quite filling!

To substitute for the traditional turkey, I usually go with Tofurky, but this year I am trying a Field Roast. This will be new for me, but I did still get the Tofurky gravy!! I LOVE gravy, and hey, it is Thanksgiving after all!!!

Along with tons of mashed potatoes, and my Field Roast, I usually like to take a special green been casserole. I know many of you make your version of this holiday classic, but I like to put a bit of a twist on mine. Generally this is the traditional green bean casserole recipe, which is completely fine, I however prefer to use fresh green beans, and instead of mushroom soup, I use cheddar cheese soup, I even add a little shredded cheese to make it even cheesier!! I do like adding the crunchy onion bits on top too, but this year I will be trying the caramelized version of said crunchy treat! (This year will have a few firsts for my Thanksgiving feast, to keep things lively!) Plus, I had never before seen such an option, so I had to try it! The creaminess of the cheese, the snap of the fresh green beans, and the crunch of the onion topping… it is all quite delicious!!!

What would Thanksgiving be without yams, or sweet potatoes, or whatever you like to call them. I call them YUMS!!!!! I prefer my sweet potatoes to be just that, SWEET, so I like to add all sorts of tasty goodness to them. When I was younger my mom would just open up a can and heat them up, needless to say it took me years before I truly appreciated how wonderful they can be. Again I like to use fresh sweet potatoes, let’s face it, fresh will always beat canned! This here is an easy savory recipe for your sweet potatoes, but like I said, I like mine sweet! Instead of olive oil, I use coconut oil, I sprinkle the potatoes with a good amount of brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, and add chopped pecans too. Once the sweet potatoes are cooked through I top them with copious amounts of mini marshmallows and let those toast up until brown.  This is how I get to enjoy a little taste of dessert even before the end of the meal!!!

Another favorite is the stuffing, or dressing, or whatever you call it!!! Now usually this is reserved for the meat-etarians in my family, but I am happy to announce I have found a tasty meet free version that satisfies!! This veggie stuffing recipe really hits the spot, but I do like to add a few more veggies than they say, and even add carrots and mushrooms too.

Whatever it is you like to eat, I hope you have the very best Thanksgiving!!! Make sure you share any of your favorite veggie recipes too, I love to try to things!!!

Some Helpfull tips on how to make the most of your last few days of Halloween, and fulfill all your festive fall fantasies!!!!!


Well folks, this is it, the last full week of 2015’s Halloween. If you haven’t yet finished up all your Halloweenie activities you still can. Here are a few last minute ideas to help you get the most our of your last week of Halloween!!!

If you haven’t yet, go out and find yourself the best possible pumpkin you can. I like to go to a local farm to get ours, you get to have warm cider, and tasty treats, plus it looks so much like fall and Halloween, you really feel the full awesomeness of the season! In the Cleveland area I like going to Mapleside Farms the have a great bakery, tons of pumpkins and a very fun section set up with kid friendly activities, not to mention rows and rows of gorgeous pumpkins to pick from!! They also have a fun Zombie Paintball activity that gives you the opportunity to practice your shot for the zombie apocalypse!!

Once you have your perfect pumpkin, you’ll need to figure out how to carve it. Whether you choose to free hand a design or use a template make sure your pumpkin fits your style and personality. I like to keep with the theme of my costume, this year my youngest and I are going as blood thirsty vampires, and since my drawing skills are lacking I have picked out one of these lovely designs to try my hand at:

Although it will probably end up looking more like this…

I’ll be satisfied if it comes out like this…

This guy looks menacing and very festive!!! If you still haven’t decided just how your pumpkin will look here’s a few fun ideas:

Or if you prefer a challenge or something creepier, try this link:


I also recommend roasting your pumpkin seeds, they taste wonderful! Whether you like them savory or sweet, it’s a great fall treat!!

After you’ve got your pumpkin picked, carved, and lit, we can move onto costume prep!!! If you STILL don’t have a costume picked out, here are a few last minute quick and easy ideas:

Bag of Jelly Beans:

Freaky Butterfly Lady:

I love this one, Spider Woman:

Or any one of these great ideas will work too!

If you’re handy with a makeup brush try something like this:



OK, so now you have your house decorated with Jack o Lanterny goodness, you’ve got yourself all creeptastically done up, now its time to go get the crap scared out of you!!!!

Everyone has a local Haunt they love to frequent, each year they always get a little bit better and each year you have to go back and see what the new theme is! In Cleveland we have quite a few Haunts to try but I have a favorite, simply because it is put on by some of Ohio’s’ most talented make up and special effects artists around!

Robert Kurtzman’s MAD FX Lab, is a must see for any true Halloween aficionado! Known for there FX and Make up work on such horror greats as Friday the 13th: Jason Goes to Hell, Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, Army of Darkness, and From Dusk Till Dawn, along with tons of others, these guys and gals know how to scare the pants off you!!! Set out in the middle of a very small town, even the drive up will send chills down your spine!

Since I happen to visit the Kansas City area quite often I happen to have a great Haunt suggestion there too!!!

3rd Street Asylum happens to be run by my fabulous husband‘s cousins, so you know they know how to scare!!!

(we also used this location to shoot Last Stand, and Jack the Ripper)

Whats even cooler is that the Haunt is set up in an old school building which adds about a million degrees of creep to it. Just waiting in line outside this ominous building fills you with terror, then you also have the occasional monster running up behind you to really get you in the mood!!

With Halloween fast approaching though, you really need to get to these great local attractions NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The most important thing to do is to get out an enjoy every last minute of Halloween you can before its all gone and Christmas songs are ringing in your ears!!!!