Happy Mother’s Day HOW TO’S: Gift ideas for any Horror Lovin’ Freak, Super Hero Chic Geek, or Cinephile of the Week!

Sometimes it can be hard to find a great gift to properly express just how awesome moms truly are. You’re constantly looking for that one gift that can eloquently say:

“Thanks MOM, for the millions of loads of laundry you do, preventing me from living out the horrifying nightmare of being naked in public. Thanks for my 3 square meals a day, which are always more like 12 meals the way I love to graze all day long, and for simply making sure I don’t die from starvation. Thanks for making me go to school, clean my room, clean my teeth, clean myself in general, use proper manners, read books, watch culturally significant movies, and the countless other things that I will only appreciate years from now because I am far too young and self absorbed to realize just how important all this stuff is quite yet, and simply thanks for loving me so completely and unconditionally that no one else will ever live up to the beautifully high standards you have set!”

Image result for cartoon mom on phone

I can assure you this daunting task can be easily achieved with these great gift ideas!

For the Macabre Mother in your life, try these creeptacular gift ideas:

  1. Living Dead Dolls: My personal favorite being Milu, the Goddess who rules over the Hawaiian land of the dead. A wonderful reminder of all the island vacations MOM never got to take because she was too busy taking care of you! A Beautiful way to say “Aloha Au la ‘Oe”, I love you!!
  2. Meadowbrooke Gourds: The very best of the best is the Headless Horseman Ichabod. A sweet nod to all those great stories MOM would read to you during the most spectacular season of Fall while working tirelessly on the perfect Halloween costume for you!
  3. The finest of drink ware: The Favorite of all Zombie thrashing Mamma’s is this 22oz Zombie Tankard. Handmade with love, just like all those pinch pots you used to bombard MOM with from years of art class.

Any Super Hero Mom would simply soar for any of these MEGA scores:

  1. Super Hero Fashionista Wear: We all know that deep down our MOM is a super lady, why not give her a cape to show everyone else in the world just how SUPER AWESOME she is?! Get her a Wonder Woman T that includes a cape and headband! She doesn’t even need the lasso to know when you’re lying!!
  2. Tervis Tumblers: Mom is always on the go, taking, dropping off, picking up, running around, keeping everyone on task and on time and looking FABULOUS while doing it. What we don’t realize is that Mom has always had a secret side kick, her cup of coffee! Let’s give her a sidekick truly worthy of her AWESOMENESS, a Tervis Tumbler with the super cool BATMAN Logo on it!
  3. A Good Yes Man: Everyone knows that Mom is always right but we never seem to be able to admit that to her face. This is your chance to give Mom that agreeing smile and nod she always deserves, and to do it with style! Give Mom her very own Funko 1966 Joker Wobbler, it’s a true classic, just like dear old Mom herself!

Movie Mom’s are always reel easy to please:

  1. Starlet style: Movie going Mom’s are going to LOVE having a Pashmina Pink Scarf, especially one that has the Adorable Ralphie Parker in his Pink Bunny Suit. You never wore yours, so why not sacrifice dear Ralphie to make Mom smile.
  2. Mom’s Little Minion: One of the cutest movies, has one of Mom’s most adored characters, the MINION!! To be quite honest we all secretly want a hoard of minions to do our bidding and Moms always dream that their children would one day be just that, but we all know too well that is not the case. Kids have their own ideas, thoughts and plans, so give Mom what she really wants, the most adorable companion she could ever ask for, a Funko Mystery Mini Minion.
  3. Quality Time Together: What EVERY Mom really wants is a little “Quality Time”. There is no better way to say “I Love You Mom!” than by spending a little time with her. A great what to do so is with a puzzle featuring one of her favorite flicks, The Wizard of Oz. As luck would have it this puzzle is from the beloved Thomas Kinkade Galleries, and Moms eat that guy up! Let’s face it, Mom spent hundreds of hours doing crummy puzzles with you as a child, and now it’s time to return the favor!!

To be honest though, we all know we can NEVER truly repay or properly express just how AMAZINGLY AWESOME & SUPER SPECTACULAR our Mothers are to us, especially in one day, but these little tokens will be everyday reminders to our dear Moms that we do think of them, we do notice and take an interest in them, and that we do realize, and will FOREVER be indebted to them for all they’ve done for us!

So go forth and find something fabulous to tell Mom you love her, and for Pete’s sake CALL HER EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE!!!!


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