A Little Plan ahead PRE SHOPPING Fun!!


It used to be you would go wait in line for hours, even days, to buy the NEWEST and COOLEST items stores had to offer but NOT ANYMORE!!!! Now you can PRE-SHOP with the wonderful, wondrous, of wonders… PRE-ORDERS!!!!!!!!


 That’s right my little shopping savvy shoppers, you can now order the latest and greatest of collectibles before they even come out in stores!!!! It is the absolute best way to:

  1. Get it before everyone else!
  2. Satisfy that shopping urge to splurge!!
  3. Guarantee a wonderful surprise for yourself in the future, after you have long forgotten that you even ordered it and it arrives at your doorstep!!

No need to worry about items running out of stock, no stress about missing the arrival date, no chance of forgetting to buy it!! Pre-Order is the way to go!!!

So why not see for yourself just how satisfying pre-ordering can truly be with some of these super fun, and super cool pre-orderable favorites!!

Everyone’s favorite cousin, COUSIN EDDIE, has got a wonderful Christmas surprise for ole’ Clark this year… none other than Clark’s Boss, Frank Shirley and with a big red bow too!!!! This way cool Dept 56 piece is a must have for any collector, and is NEW this year!!

While you’re at it, don’t forget to pre-order Frank Shirley’s Lovely Home, from which Cousin Eddie snatched him from on Christmas Eve!! Another NEW Dept 56 Piece that coordinates so well with the entire Christmas Vacation Snow Village.

Take a little time and see just how satisfying Pre-Ordering can be.

Image result for cartoon satisfaction


One thought on “A Little Plan ahead PRE SHOPPING Fun!!

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