Anthropomorphic Oddities, and Freaktastic Fun!!! A walk through my fantasy life!

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     Like most kids I LOVED cartoons!!! I adored the idea of animals living out lives just like mine, well, way more exciting than mine ever were clearly:

     I was never threatened by a bunny with a stick of dynamite.

Image result for bugs bunny dynamite

Nor was I ever done in by one of my own dastardly, yet poorly assembled Acme creations!

Image result for wile e coyote

I still felt a kinship and loved the idea of every living creature having these fantastical lives, and so desperately wanted to be apart of them!!

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That is probably why I used to cry at the site of road kill. Let’s be honest I still tear up when I see something dead on the side of the road. Just as I did as a child, my mind can’t help but create a world surrounding this lifeless body. One in which a family sits at home waiting for their loved one to come back, but never does!

You can’t tell me you didn’t cry when Tiny Tim died in Mickey’s A Christmas Carol!!!!!

Image result for mickey tiny tim funeral     My life long obsession with cartoons had led me to a new obsession, one in which animals are given human characteristics, the wonderfully awesome world of ANTHROPOMORPHISM!!

More specifically Anthropomorphic Taxidermy!

 Image result for anthropomorphic taxidermy

     I know it sounds strange how someone who cries at the site of death is so fascinated by taxidermy. Well, I see it as giving new life to a body that no longer has any. I see it as a chance to bring my favorite characters from my childhood to life!

     I have been tinkering with a few creations for about a year now, mostly taking already taxidermied specimen and turning them into some of my favorite horror and movie icons such as:

Divine from the John Waters Cult Classic Pink Flamingo’s



Daryl Dixon from the uber popular The Walking Dead


Darryl Duckson of The Waddling Dead

Beetlejuice the beloved Tim Burton Classic



And last in line, but 1st in my heart….

Special Agent Dale Cooper from the master himself David Lynch’s

Twin Peaks

(which is another obsession of mine, but we’ll discuss that at a later date in much greater details)


Special Agent Duck Cooper of Twin Beaks

     While I have only just begun to scratch the surface of my true dreams of becoming an anthropomorphic taxidermist I race forward with joy in my heart! My next step will be to actually taxidermy a specimen myself, which I plan to do in a few weeks. I will keep you posted as I inch towards my fantasy life.

     And even though Bob Clark, the famed director of A Christmas Story, advised against, it I will still play with dead things!!!

     If you have any fun suggestions for future creations, I’d love to hear them!!!


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