Top Notch CREATURE FEATURE!!!! Paying homage to one of the greats!

Who among us doesn’t know this iconic face?!!

The well known and loved Gill-Man from Creature from the Black Lagoon

     A wonderfully time-honored tale of star crossed lovers, well… maybe not quite.  But hey, when love calls what is a Gill-Man to do but follow in the footsteps of such great Romeos as King Kong and the Beast himself, and snatch up his love to show her just how great and misunderstood he truly is! The story itself is a classic one, but the design of the Creature is what really draws me in! The creature costume was actually designed by the mega talented Milicent Patrick Milicent is also credited with designing the Xenomorph from It Came From Outer Space and Metaluna from This Island Earth along with many other design contributions. Milicent was a true master at her craft! There is a bit of controversy surrounding Gill-Man though, Universal Studio’s Special Effects guy Bud Westmore had a hand in creating the creature as well, and was upset that Milicent was being billed as “The Beauty who Created the Beast” by Universal. Bud ended up shunning Milicent in later projects despite her obvious talents! (Not cool Bud! Not Cool!) The story of Creature from the Black Lagoon, was actually inspired by another of my favorites: H.P. Lovecraft, to be more specific The Shadow Over Innsmouth! You may recall my earlier post (For the Love of Lovecraft) about a project my husband is working on relating to that very same story. Here you can see Kosart Effects Studios version of the Innsmouth townspeople for the upcoming project. It goes without saying, the Creature from the Black Lagoon has stood the test of time and Gill-Man still has a throng of adoring fans who just love to buy up merchandise with his likeness, yours truly included!

     To pay homage to this lovable misfit, Cleveland Street Novelties is offering up the opportunity to pre-order Mezco’s newest version of him! Being a lady of action I have already gone ahead and pre-ordered my very own Gill-Man, seeing as how I LOVE the pre-order (see previous post for reasons why to pre-order)!

     Gill-Man will certainly add a touch of class to my already fine collection of Living Dead Dolls!! Be sure to get yours now so you don’t miss out! For other cools facts about the movie go check out The Gillman’s Movie Trivia, get the story from someone who was there!!!

As always…

All Hail Cthulhu!!!! 


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