THEY’RE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Living Dead Dolls Series 29: The Nameless Ones!!!!

They are FINALLY here!!!! I have been looking forward to these lovelies arrivals for so very long now!!!

  Mezco has really brought some very fun creations to life this time, I am so in love with these dolls, and I’m even in love with some of the outfits they come in!!! Honestly if Mezco put out a line of clothes based on the dolls I’d be first in line to buy them all!!! Until they do though, I am first in line to buy these FABULOUS little creations!!!

Series 29 The Nameless Ones

 She Who Can Not Be Named

   She Who Can Not Be Named Living Dead Dolls Series 29  300

  Let’s start off with how adorable her dress is!! I love it! It goes so well with the precious little bow in her hair, and let’s face it, every girl needs a pair of black Mary Jane shoes, just like hers! She has the most hauntingly delightful empty white eyes too!!

The Girl In Black

Living Dead Dolls Series 29 Presents The Girl in Black 80

  Here we have ANOTHER great dress, such a beautiful Victorian Era inspired frock that I, again need one for myself! I must not forget her gorgeous boots also, which match so wonderfully with the entire ensemble! She is probably my favorite from this series simply due to the fact that she has ACCESSORIES!!!!!!!!!! The Girl In Black comes with the sweetest bouquet of black roses AND a splediferously divine black hat which is adorned with MORE black roses, feathers and a tulle veil! You can see why she wins my heart!!

She Who Walks the Night

She Who Walks The Night  Living Dead Dolls Series 29

  I am adoring the strawberry blonde hair she has first off, and the darling little bow she had in it too! She looks like some lovely little ghost girl from a vintage horror movie, which you know I have a weakness for. Her nightgown and bare feet drive home the fact that she truly is the girl who walks the night! Such a sweet doll for any little girl to love!

The After

  The one and only boy in the bunch, The After, is just a slightly sweeter version of Death! He has a very cool paint job, and quite the dapper robe, with great brown stitch detailing. He holds his own amongst all the lovely ladies of this series!

  Last but certainly not least…

The Silent One

Mezco Toyz Halloween Living Dead Dolls Series 29 Presents The Silent One

  She is so very precious!!! By far the best hair, with the cutest ringlets of hair that frame her angelic face. Her eyes dripping with tears of blood, as does her gentle smile. The Silent One has on a dreamy little ballerina like outfit, with matching slippers, and of course a fetching fascinator embellished with feathers. She is a cutey for sure!!

  Make sure you check out the website and buy your favorites today! I can’t imagine they’ll last very long with how fabulous they all are!

  Let me know what your favorites are and be sure to check out my video review of them!


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