It’s a Blue day for Pink Flamingos all across the world: Don Featherstone, father of the Pink Flamingo dies at age 79.


Don Featherstone was a very well known man, even if you don’t recognize the name, you all know his brain child, the wonderful pink flamingo lawn ornament!

My family and I know, love and admire another aspect of his creative genius more intimately though, his Halloween lawn ornament designs!!


   31" Union Don Featherstone Pumpkin Head Scarecrow Lighted Halloween Blow Mold #2        

He made many of these fabulous lawn ornaments to celebrate my most favorite of holidays, along with just about every other holiday you can think of:


Easter:                                Vintage Don Featherstone Easter Bunny Rabbit Blow Mold Plastic Lighted YARD DECO


Even the 4th of July:

Don Featherstone’s esthetic is something I can truly appreciate and will dearly miss! My heart goes out to his family!


Super Hero Style 4th of July!!


     There is little out there more American than the Super Heroes!! So what better way to celebrate the 4th of July than with some beloved childhood friends!

This Fabulous 4th I will be celebrating in the cutest outfit I could find, which happens to be a new Supergirl Rhinestone Tank Dress!!! Not only is it red white and blue, the classic colors of the holiday, its super comfy and light weight so I don’t roast in the summer heat and to top it all off, the rhinestones shine like a sparkler!!! Did I mention the super cool cape too? Just in case I need to fly off somewhere in a flash, or more likely, it will double as a napkin for when I inevitably spill something on myself! Fashion and function, just what every girl loves!! Add some fun flip flops and I’m ready to picnic and party all day and night long! For those who aren’t into the sparkle the rhinestones have to offer, may I recommend the Supergirl Tank Dress. It offers the same comfort and style with a bit less flash.

     For anyone who prefers the more casual party attire, they also have an equally awesome Supergirl T Shirt available! It goes great with any jeans or even a skirt! My favorite part… the super toned abs are included!!!


     Supergirl can even bring along a Superman if she so chooses. My pick is the Superman T Shirt, which so conveniently matches the Supergirl Shirt perfectly! Or you can opt to bring this sweet little agreeable guy along, the Funko Superman Wacky Wobbler! Everyone needs a yes man to encourage them along in some good old fashioned rowdy behavior!


     Another essential on a hot 4th of July is a nice tall, icy beverage!! This year I’ll be imbibing in Super Style with the way cool Superman Tervis Tumbler! I am so very impressed with just how awesome these adult sippy cups are! They keep your drinks so nicely chilled, I’ll be able to lounge around comfortably without having to worry about a watered down drink! Plus it comes with a lid, in case my clumsy self happens to knock it over, it won’t even spill! Thanks Tervis for keeping me from party fouling up the 4th! If you really want to be nice you can offer up one of these awesome caped Superman Pint Glass for your guests to enjoy!             


     For anyone out there who isn’t as into Superman and Supergirl, you can always party it up on the 4th with the Dark Knight himself, Batman! There just happens to be a Batman T Shirt to help you do so! Notice the cool Batman cape and mask to keep people wondering, just who is that handsome masked man?!


     To keep things fair there is also a super sweet Batgirl T Shirt, note those sweet gadgets too, a great cape and mask! Even a cute Batgirl Tank Dress can make the celebration a super one!



     Last but NEVER least is my childhood favorite, Wonder Woman!!

    Show up in this sweet Wonder Woman T Shirt, and everyone will know you are ready to have a good time! Again, I am drawn to the fabulous accoutrements, that fun headband and super cute cape! Who knows what truths you’ll uncover this 4th with the powers of this super cute outfit (no lasso needed)!!

     However you choose to celebrate this 4th of July, make sure its safe and stylish!!

Stuffed with fluff, fiber fill and love, my Taxidermy life begins: A Dream Fulfilled!!!!


About a month ago I posted about my fantasy life of becoming a taxidermist and recreating all my favorite childhood cartoons in real life. Well this past weekend it actually happened… I had my very first taxidermy lesson!!!!!

A dear friend, Ankixa Risk, who has been doing taxidermy for a few years now, under the moniker Casual Taxidermy, kindly agreed to school me in the ways of properly playing with dead things!

I was pleasantly surprised at how well I took to it. You all should know how nervous I was, as I do have a habit of crying over road kill! I feared I wouldn’t be able to go through with it once it became real. Lucky for me the hours of watching YouTube videos did their job, and made me much more comfortable with the whole process.

It also helped, just how sweet and talented Ankixa is. She sources her rats locally with reputable dealers, and even donates the flesh to a local reptile house. It turns out that the fur can be harder for the reptiles to digest so getting just the flesh makes their lives easier. All of which makes me feel better.

I am so very excited to have this knowledge and can’t wait to finish up the other 2 rats Ankixa left for me, along with the menagerie of critters I have in my freezer, again all found animals and even beloved pets. Its very important to me that everyone knows I would NEVER kill anything! I don’t even eat meat, as to avoid feeling that my life caused the death of another living thing. So all my taxidermy endeavors will be with animals who have lived their lives as fully as possible, and from there I will do my best to help them live on a bit longer!

I’ll be sure to post up pictures of all my creations once more have been completed!!

Let me know what you think, and if you have any interesting or funny taxidermy stories or pictures you’d like to share, please do!!

A stake through my heart as a great Horror Ledgend leaves us behind! Farewell to the Beloved Blood Thristy Vampire, Christopher Lee!


Christopher Lee, the prolific actor, and much adored, horror icon, has mournfully passed away! At 93 he leaves behind a jaw dropping list of acting credits to rival any Hollywood mega star. He leaves behind a legacy that will be honored and admired for lifetimes to come!

Lee’s acting career may have begun in the late 1940’s but really started to make a lasting impact on horror with his work with Hammer Films in the late 1950’s. Beginning in 1957 with The Curse of Frankenstein,

                          Image result for the curse of frankenstein 1957

then Dracula in 1958 (retitled The Horrors of Dracula),

The Mummy in 1959,                          

along with The Man Who Could Cheat Death, The Hounds of Baskervilles, The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll , The Terror of Tongs, Scream of Fear, The Pirates of Blood River, The Gorgon, She. The list was quite impressive already, then in 1966 Hammer Films put out the classic Dracula: Prince of Darkness

Hammer pushed Lee into more Dracula roles for films such as,  Dracula has Risen from the Grave (1968), Taste the Blood of Dracula (1969), and Scars of Dracula (1970). Reports state that Lee was not as keen on continuing these roles, but did them anyway for the many adoring fans who did love them, and loved to see him in them.

One of my earliest favorites of Christopher Lee’s work is The Wicker Man, based around the novel Ritual, by David Pinner. Lee, knowing the films budget was constrained, gave his services at no charge! He plays, Lord Summerisle, the head of a small village bound to some very old school, and wicked practices.

Lee even lends his vocal stylings to some of the music in this film, a man of many talents clearly! It is considered a true horror classics, and is even been called “the Citizen Kane of horror movies!”. A must see for any horror fan!!!

With well over 150 credited acting roles, Christopher Lee has been able to star in just about every genre of film. Horror being my favorite, but even the Sci Fi fans of the world will remember him as the villainous Saruman, in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Having grown up on J.R.R Tolkien famed stories of Middle Earth, this again is another favorite role of mine that Christopher Lee brought to life so magnificently! After this great role, came another well loved Sci Fi classic role for Lee in Star Wars, as Count Dooku.

Christopher Lee, clearly loved to keep busy, and was obviously a very talented man! In 2012 Lee released an EP of Heavy Metal Christmas Songs, that’s right… a HEAVY METAL CHRISTMAS SONG ALBUM!!!! Then again in 2013 he released Heavy Metal Christmas Too!! His song Jingle Hell reached the #22 (eventually climbing to #18) spot on the Billboard Hot 100, making Lee the oldest person on the charts at 91 years and 6 months old!!!!!

Obviously Christopher Lee is one of, if not, THE coolest icon of our times. His passing is felt by fans all over the world. More importantly though he has climbed and reached the highest apex of true legendary status and will forever be remembered amongst the greats of all time. In a sense, much like his famed alter ego Dracula, Christopher Lee, will still live on eternally in the hearts and minds of all he inspired and entertained!

R.I.P. Betsy Palmer, one of horrors greatest Moms



Today the world mourns the loss of Betsy Palmer, a true horror icon. Betsy’s life was full of memorable roles on film and on stage, but she will most lovingly be remembered, I feel, by horror fans across the world as Pamela Voorhees, Jason’s mother in the horror classic, Friday the 13th.

A youthful 88 years old, Betsy has left her many fans with an innumerable collection of favorite moments and memories to keep her spirit alive for generations to come. My first introduction to this vivacious woman was in 2008 at the very first Scarefest horror/paranormal convention in Lexington KY.

My business, Strychnine Sisters, consisting of myself and my partner, Scarlet Strychnine, along with my sister Charlotte,  had made the trek to this first time convention to cut our teeth on what I did not know then would become years of conventions. Strychnine had only just begun a few months prior, and yet we found ourselves surrounded by the very best and most seasoned of horror icons. Friday the 13th, being one of the pinnacle horror movies of my childhood, I found myself dropped into a horror fantasy land with Victor Miller, the writer, Harry Manfredini, the composer, Adrienne King, THE final girl, Tom Savini, Mr. Special effects himself, and the effervescent, Betsy Palmer, the beloved Pamela Voorhees.

This being Strychnine’s first convention I had no idea what to expect, but was blown away by the love and comradery between, vendors, celebrities and fans alike! Strychnine spent the days peddling our jewelry and quickly became a favorite among the ladies of horror. With great delight and awe we were befriended and accepted into the fold as each lovely lady took turns to visit our booth. We felt like rock stars ourselves!!

This weekend not only filled Strychnine with the confidence to continue on with our horror themed business, it also introduced me to the love of my life, my future husband. Joshua Hoffine, had also, serendipitously, ventured to Scarefest to showcase his fabulous photography. The photographs along with the photographer caught my eye and my heart. On the final day of the convention, being the busiest woman, Betsy Palmer, herself, had yet to make it to our booth so Josh and I went to pay her a visit and to pay her our due accolades for her prized role.

Being so adored as she was, there were a few fans left vying to pay their respects to her. We watched as she patiently and graciously listened to a fan recount his favorite scenes, acting out line by line her role. At his finish she lovingly and jokingly said “I hope I sounded better than that!” I knew right away I wanted to be Betsy Pamler when I grew up!! She showed herself to be humble, heartfelt, and full of fight in that one moment, and I fell in love! Once done with this interaction she turned to Josh and I and accepted our fawning compliments, and was eager to go and visit the booth her cohorts had been raving about all weekend once I explained who I was.

Betsy immediately rounded her booth and with such motherly instincts grabbed Josh with her left hand and me with her right, and proceeded to walk with us back to see Strychnine’s accessory selection. Along the way she looked at each of us and knowingly asked, “how long have you two been together?” Shocked by this recognition of attraction I was speechless, Josh replied that my boyfriend probably wouldn’t be to keen on that idea. Betsy coyly smiled, again seeing the truth that was clearly not well hidden and again prophetically said “Well, you just never know how these things will work out!”

We eventually made it to the booth where Betsy picked out one of my handmade metal pendants with a moon and bats on it. She immediately put it on and hugged us all. We walked her back to her table we then floated back, squealing delightfully about out interactions with such an awesome icon, and in general, an amazing woman! Believe me when I say, this is a story my husband and I retell every chance we get! The time Betsy Palmer called out our love before we had even acknowledged it, and predicted out eventual union!


Thus ended our very first horror convention and my initial meeting of the great Betsy Palmer. I would have the pleasure of her company a few more times throughout the years and they were never dull. Again in 2008 at Cinema Wasteland, where Betsy had me in stitches chastising a guest for bringing no money and asking for handouts from vendors and celebrities alike, posing the questions “how do you expect these good people to survive on kind words” and “who comes to a show with no money?” As a vendor myself I felt she hit the nail on the head with her commentary and hopefully got the point across to the gentleman who dared to panhandle at Betsy Palmer’s booth!

Betsy continued to show up at conventions I was fortunate enough to be attending and each time greeted me with a kind smile, a warm hug, and always a witty remark. One of our last meetings was at Monster Mania in 2009, where Betsy again flattered me with recognition (I mean come on, she meets thousands of people each year at these shows, so I felt so special to be remembered!). Knowing she would be a guest at this show I had to bring one of my prized horror possessions, the Pamela Voorhees action figure, which she graciously signed for me!

Although the years past quickly between our meetings I never forgot all the fun she brought with her when we did meet. It is with a very heavy heart I say goodbye to this wonderful woman, and send my condolences to all her friends and family. She leaves behind a legacy of kindness, awesomeness and sauciness that will never be forgotten, and for that she will live on!

If you have any favorite Betsy moments, please share them, and give her the fond send off she truly deserves!