Stuffed with fluff, fiber fill and love, my Taxidermy life begins: A Dream Fulfilled!!!!

About a month ago I posted about my fantasy life of becoming a taxidermist and recreating all my favorite childhood cartoons in real life. Well this past weekend it actually happened… I had my very first taxidermy lesson!!!!!

A dear friend, Ankixa Risk, who has been doing taxidermy for a few years now, under the moniker Casual Taxidermy, kindly agreed to school me in the ways of properly playing with dead things!

I was pleasantly surprised at how well I took to it. You all should know how nervous I was, as I do have a habit of crying over road kill! I feared I wouldn’t be able to go through with it once it became real. Lucky for me the hours of watching YouTube videos did their job, and made me much more comfortable with the whole process.

It also helped, just how sweet and talented Ankixa is. She sources her rats locally with reputable dealers, and even donates the flesh to a local reptile house. It turns out that the fur can be harder for the reptiles to digest so getting just the flesh makes their lives easier. All of which makes me feel better.

I am so very excited to have this knowledge and can’t wait to finish up the other 2 rats Ankixa left for me, along with the menagerie of critters I have in my freezer, again all found animals and even beloved pets. Its very important to me that everyone knows I would NEVER kill anything! I don’t even eat meat, as to avoid feeling that my life caused the death of another living thing. So all my taxidermy endeavors will be with animals who have lived their lives as fully as possible, and from there I will do my best to help them live on a bit longer!

I’ll be sure to post up pictures of all my creations once more have been completed!!

Let me know what you think, and if you have any interesting or funny taxidermy stories or pictures you’d like to share, please do!!


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