GO GO SHARKNADO!!! What a fintastic trilogy!!!


I can not properly express just how fun I think the whole Sharknado empire is!! First off, it’s just a brilliantly funny idea for a short, but to be able to turn it into not 1 but 3 full length films????!!! AMAZING!!! My hat goes off to the Sharknado creators and of course all the super awesome actors with all the surprisingly funny cameos!!!

Obviously with any great idea comes equally amazing marketing ideas and wondrously tempting merchandise. Let’s face it people I LOVE TOYS, and I LOVE SHARKS, so clearly I LOVE the FUNKO SHARKNADO!!!! This guy is one of the cutest designs! It was sculpted so masterfully, a perfect blend of the adorably viscous Shark and the equally devastating tornado, the PERFECT STORM OF AWESOMENESS!!!!

Thank you AGAIN FUNKO for making such wonderfully whimsical and original toys!! Keep it up guys! For the rest of us, we will keep on collecting and enjoying!!!

Out and about: A KC shopping excursion!!!


In Kansas the have a super AWESOME FUN store called The Moon Marble Factory. They sell tons of cool toys, and obviously MARBLES!!! They have a separate location that makes the bulk marbles, but, as we were lucky enough to learn, they make custom specialty marbles on sight!


After it was put to a vote amongst the audience, our marble master started to make a cupcake.


It takes 10 hours before the glass can safely cool, but I was able to find one that she had made on another day.

Looks good enough to eat!!  Along with a plethora of beautiful glass creations:

The Moon Marble Factory also offers up hours of fun toys to entertain the masses!!

Like Godzilla attacking a wood fairy!

OR… a witch riding a dragon while a ghost looks on!  

You might even be able to find yourself a new pet!


Who doesn’t want an armadillo or even a HYPNO TOAD!!!!! How about a super cute SQUIRREL!!??

He comes with his own coffee cup, so you know he’s prepared!


After making our selections we paid for our goodies and then headed over to the Antique River Market for even more shopping satisfaction!!!

As the name implies, its filled with 3 floors of antiquing awesomeness!! I was able to pick out a few favorites though!

My 2 favorite holidays being honored via my favorite medium… BLOW MOLDS!!!

This guy was just too cute not to acknowledge… I call him Sniffles the Mouse!

I also have a soft spot in my heart for vintage toys like these guys:

But we all know my real passion is TAXIDERMY!!!!!!

This little lady reminds me so much of Belina, Dorothy’s hen in Return to Oz. Can you see the resemblance?


Then I found these beautiful creations!!!

After a bit of OHHHHing and AAAAHHHing over these fabulous creatures, I found a few more things worth noting:

Some great clown mouths waiting to fill your balloon with helium!

The very best collection o booze bottles EVER!!!! Check out how cool the skeleton guy is, and the monk’s “holy water” is so very fun!


A great collection of heads!! Even this cute pair of anthropomorphic fruit!

     Fun actions figures!

Creepy clown heads!!                 

  A gorgeous dresser box I couldn’t resist, and some great local artists masterpieces!

Yep, a metal winged monkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A beautiful dress made of vintage jewelry and fabrics:


A wonderful day of shopping and searching!!! I highly recommend getting out yourself to check out all the great things these shops have to offer!!! Take your own pictures and show me what I might have missed!!

San Diego ComicCon… Oh how I wish I could have gone!!! HIghlights from a fun time I missed out on!!!


Each year San Diego ComicCon comes around and I feel the need to abandon all responsibilities and go forth and spend my life’s savings on a weekend dedicated to all of my favorite things!!!! Along with TONS of cool exclusive toys, you get to see some of the very best cosplay costumes EVER!!!!!! Don’t believe me? See for yourself!

chewbaccas angels comic con cosplay

That’s correct people, gaze upon…. Chewies Angels!!!! How original AND adorable is this!!!

Anna and Elsa dress for battle on the Fury Road in this creative

Olaf rides eternal, shiny, and chrome!

How about this fun futuristic, nod to Frozen!!!! How cute is Olaf riding Anna??!!!! Adorable overload!!!

Of course there was bound to be a few homages to the coolest action film out: Mad Max: Fury Road!!

The family that cosplays together, stays together. How cute are these War Boys?

These guys look AMAZING!!!! I LOVE group costumes!

No costume party is complete with out some super creative SteamPunk versions to some old favorites!

It's no surprise

We love Boba Fett's jetpack adorned with roses.

Steampunk Leia and Darth Maul buddy up for a photo.

And some old classics done very well!!!!

We saw much, much fewer   Superheroes are in no short supply. This cosplayer bears a

Looks as if Iron Man made this femme Hulk angry.        Spider-Man weaves through the crowds outside the showroom floor.

Childhood favorites!!

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles set out in search of pizza.

Bumblebee from     It's Morphin Time! Power Rangers Dino Super Charge characters pose with a mini Ranger.

The White Rabbit and Alice are late to a very important date.  What's more unnerving than one Mad Hatter from Tim Burton's


A reptilian Skeksis from the 1982 film

Check out even more great pics from Business Insider!

Although I adore the idea of dressing up and hanging out with some of the coolest and most elite in the cosplay community, what I want more than anything is an in on the exclusive toys SDCC offers to those lucky enough to to attend!!!!!! Check out just a couple of the things on my wish list!!!!

LOVING the Stay Puft T so hard right now!!!!


AND BLOODY JAWS with QUINT??????????   

Well, now I could just cry!!!!!!!!!

Then there’s these guys!!!! Yep, sure am sad I didn’t get to go!!!!!!!!!

It’s not just my SUPER AWESOME VERY COOLEST MOST FAVORITE, FUNKO, that offers exclusives, check out these cool toys I missed out on too!!

https://i1.wp.com/awesometoyblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/SDCC_freddyfett-e1435263082121.jpeg Yep, that’s right Freddy Fett!!

The Ambiguously Gay Duo!!     SNL The Ambiguously Gay Duo Car Bobble Head - Con. Excl.

https://i2.wp.com/awesometoyblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/MLP-CC15-Pinkie-Pie-e1435804181573.jpg   EVEN PINKIE PIE!!!

So, clearly there are a lot of great reasons to attend SDCC!! CLEARLY I NEED to go, and as GOD AS MY WITNESS… I won’t miss out on SDCC next year!!!!

All those lucky enough to make it, first off, congratulations!!! Secondly, let me know what other fun things I missed, show me your favorite moments, show me your favorite finds, favorite toys, and costumes!! Show me YOUR costumes!! Show me just how AWESOME SDCC really is!!

Check out these other great exclusive toys!  Then satisfy your urge to splurge, with all the money you saved from NOT going to ComicCon, on some fun things at Cleveland Street Novelties!!

The Continuing Adventures of Jen Abroad!!! Part 2


Lets start with the 4th of July. I am lucky enough to have a parade go right past my house each 4th of July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never thought it could be so much fun, but I always feel so cool sitting on my porch swing watching the great floats and performances that go by!!

Check out these cool guys!!!!!

RAT FINK MOBILE!!!!!!!!!!!!

It always finishes of with the Renaissance Fair performers making an appearance, which is my absolute favorite part!!!!!!!!!!


WORLD’S OF FUN!!!! OK, so it is a bit smaller than the beloved Cedar Point in OH, but we still had a GREAT time!!!

The carousel is always our first ride!

A true Dog and Pony Show too!!!!

Even T-Rex was all dolled up the holiday festivities!

Check back in for more updates of my many adventures!!!!!

On the Road: Vacation Fun in KC!!! Part 1


I have ALWAYS loved road trips. When I was little my family would drive to West Virginia to visit family, and although the trip wasn’t a long one I always looked forward to it. In high school and throughout college my friends and I would traipes across the Midwest visiting friends all over. I love seeing new parts of the country, I love spending one on one time with people, and I love to be on the go!

Now a days I take road trips even more often that ever before. My husband happens to live in Kansas City, so I make frequent weekend trips to visit. My daughter, Rei, even plays navigator on a few of those adventures. My very favorite trip is our family fun month in July though!

Rei and I made our annual pilgrimage just yesterday for the beginning of the Hoffine July Jubilee!! Today is the official start of our family vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What better way to start a vacation than a trip to the casino with my in laws??!!!!!!!


Have no fear mega fans, I’m not a millionaire just yet. Looks like I’ll still be coming back to work!!

After a hard day of donating money to the casino, what better way to unwind that with an old friend??

What????? Did you not know I was a super duper Harry Potter fan???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check back for more fun adventures in KC!!!!!

A Childhood Favorite Comes to Life in Miniatures! Garbage Pail Kids Mystery Mini’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!


As a little girl the 80’s I loved Cabbage Patch Kid dolls! I never actually owned one. Perhaps my parents didn’t feel the need to put themselves in harms way during the holiday horror show at the local toy stores. Perhaps they didn’t buy into the hype surrounding them, not like I did! Or maybe they just felt they weren’t worth the money. Whatever the reason, I never got one. Eventually I did get, the less popular but still adorable, Cabbage Patch Koosa Pet, it was a cat that I named Peek-A-Boo, and it looked just like this one:

The Cabbage Patch Kid fad faded fast thankfully, and I soon found myself collecting the antithesis of those garden grown cuties, Garbage Pail Kids Cards. My friends and I would search high and low at all the local stores trying to find new packs, all in a desperate attempt to find our own names! Even then I loved not knowing exactly which cards I would get in a pack! We couldn’t wait to see how our names would be portrayed or better yet how they might re-imagine a nemesis’ name! Everyone wanted the complete set, everyone wanted to put the puzzle together, which was made of 9 cards of a characters image divided up and printed on the back side of the cards, and everyone I knew collected them!

In 1987 they put out the Garbage Pail Kids Movie, which sadly I was not taken to see.

The Garbage Pail Kids end up lending a hand to a kid named Dodger, who is getting hassled by some bullies. Sounds like a fun story with some creepy little heroes! Would have been right up my alley at that age!

Valerie Vomit, with the ability to throw up on command, (I can only imagine it came in quite handy in this movie). Foul Phil, who is known for his bad breath. Windy Winston, with the power of super gas. Greg the Greaser, the teams resident tough guy. Ali Gator, the anthropomorphic oddity with a taste for toes. Messy Tessie, who is in desperate need of a tissue, and Nat Nerd, the almost super hero. With a cast like this why wouldn’t you want to go see it!?

Over the years I have seen a few fun toy ideas inspired by these awesome characters. A spectacular version of them in a mini garbage can:

or these fun ones: Image result for the garbage pail kid toys

They even have even made these mini figures:

or these super cool full color versions:

From this       to these,

and even this super creative way of re-purposing those once cherished Cabbage Patch Dolls:

I have seen many unique ways of paying homage to an 80′ classic, but as usual Funko has brought forth one of my most favorites.

  That’s right, Funko has brought forth my very favorite childhood collectible card via my very favorite means of delivery, the Garbage Pail Kids Mystery Mini Blind Box!!! Everyone knows that I LOVE the blind boxes!!! I love a surprise and the blind box is the best way to give myself one!

You kind collect:

Now you should know that Topps, the company who put out Garbage Pail Kids, would use the same image and give them different names, such as:

A clever idea on there part to get the most out of the great images they had!

The figures are due out in July, and I am already getting so excited to open them! Upon receiving the joyous news of their arrival I went on a hunt through my basement to find some of my very own original Garbage Pail Kids cards.

Even some of the over sized 7′ cards

Now I get the chance to start a new collection of these creepy little cuties!