On the Road: Vacation Fun in KC!!! Part 1

I have ALWAYS loved road trips. When I was little my family would drive to West Virginia to visit family, and although the trip wasn’t a long one I always looked forward to it. In high school and throughout college my friends and I would traipes across the Midwest visiting friends all over. I love seeing new parts of the country, I love spending one on one time with people, and I love to be on the go!

Now a days I take road trips even more often that ever before. My husband happens to live in Kansas City, so I make frequent weekend trips to visit. My daughter, Rei, even plays navigator on a few of those adventures. My very favorite trip is our family fun month in July though!

Rei and I made our annual pilgrimage just yesterday for the beginning of the Hoffine July Jubilee!! Today is the official start of our family vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What better way to start a vacation than a trip to the casino with my in laws??!!!!!!!


Have no fear mega fans, I’m not a millionaire just yet. Looks like I’ll still be coming back to work!!

After a hard day of donating money to the casino, what better way to unwind that with an old friend??

What????? Did you not know I was a super duper Harry Potter fan???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check back for more fun adventures in KC!!!!!


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