San Diego ComicCon… Oh how I wish I could have gone!!! HIghlights from a fun time I missed out on!!!

Each year San Diego ComicCon comes around and I feel the need to abandon all responsibilities and go forth and spend my life’s savings on a weekend dedicated to all of my favorite things!!!! Along with TONS of cool exclusive toys, you get to see some of the very best cosplay costumes EVER!!!!!! Don’t believe me? See for yourself!

chewbaccas angels comic con cosplay

That’s correct people, gaze upon…. Chewies Angels!!!! How original AND adorable is this!!!

Anna and Elsa dress for battle on the Fury Road in this creative

Olaf rides eternal, shiny, and chrome!

How about this fun futuristic, nod to Frozen!!!! How cute is Olaf riding Anna??!!!! Adorable overload!!!

Of course there was bound to be a few homages to the coolest action film out: Mad Max: Fury Road!!

The family that cosplays together, stays together. How cute are these War Boys?

These guys look AMAZING!!!! I LOVE group costumes!

No costume party is complete with out some super creative SteamPunk versions to some old favorites!

It's no surprise

We love Boba Fett's jetpack adorned with roses.

Steampunk Leia and Darth Maul buddy up for a photo.

And some old classics done very well!!!!

We saw much, much fewer   Superheroes are in no short supply. This cosplayer bears a

Looks as if Iron Man made this femme Hulk angry.        Spider-Man weaves through the crowds outside the showroom floor.

Childhood favorites!!

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles set out in search of pizza.

Bumblebee from     It's Morphin Time! Power Rangers Dino Super Charge characters pose with a mini Ranger.

The White Rabbit and Alice are late to a very important date.  What's more unnerving than one Mad Hatter from Tim Burton's


A reptilian Skeksis from the 1982 film

Check out even more great pics from Business Insider!

Although I adore the idea of dressing up and hanging out with some of the coolest and most elite in the cosplay community, what I want more than anything is an in on the exclusive toys SDCC offers to those lucky enough to to attend!!!!!! Check out just a couple of the things on my wish list!!!!

LOVING the Stay Puft T so hard right now!!!!


AND BLOODY JAWS with QUINT??????????   

Well, now I could just cry!!!!!!!!!

Then there’s these guys!!!! Yep, sure am sad I didn’t get to go!!!!!!!!!

It’s not just my SUPER AWESOME VERY COOLEST MOST FAVORITE, FUNKO, that offers exclusives, check out these cool toys I missed out on too!! Yep, that’s right Freddy Fett!!

The Ambiguously Gay Duo!!     SNL The Ambiguously Gay Duo Car Bobble Head - Con. Excl.   EVEN PINKIE PIE!!!

So, clearly there are a lot of great reasons to attend SDCC!! CLEARLY I NEED to go, and as GOD AS MY WITNESS… I won’t miss out on SDCC next year!!!!

All those lucky enough to make it, first off, congratulations!!! Secondly, let me know what other fun things I missed, show me your favorite moments, show me your favorite finds, favorite toys, and costumes!! Show me YOUR costumes!! Show me just how AWESOME SDCC really is!!

Check out these other great exclusive toys!  Then satisfy your urge to splurge, with all the money you saved from NOT going to ComicCon, on some fun things at Cleveland Street Novelties!!

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