Out and about: A KC shopping excursion!!!

In Kansas the have a super AWESOME FUN store called The Moon Marble Factory. They sell tons of cool toys, and obviously MARBLES!!! They have a separate location that makes the bulk marbles, but, as we were lucky enough to learn, they make custom specialty marbles on sight!


After it was put to a vote amongst the audience, our marble master started to make a cupcake.


It takes 10 hours before the glass can safely cool, but I was able to find one that she had made on another day.

Looks good enough to eat!!  Along with a plethora of beautiful glass creations:

The Moon Marble Factory also offers up hours of fun toys to entertain the masses!!

Like Godzilla attacking a wood fairy!

OR… a witch riding a dragon while a ghost looks on!  

You might even be able to find yourself a new pet!


Who doesn’t want an armadillo or even a HYPNO TOAD!!!!! How about a super cute SQUIRREL!!??

He comes with his own coffee cup, so you know he’s prepared!


After making our selections we paid for our goodies and then headed over to the Antique River Market for even more shopping satisfaction!!!

As the name implies, its filled with 3 floors of antiquing awesomeness!! I was able to pick out a few favorites though!

My 2 favorite holidays being honored via my favorite medium… BLOW MOLDS!!!

This guy was just too cute not to acknowledge… I call him Sniffles the Mouse!

I also have a soft spot in my heart for vintage toys like these guys:

But we all know my real passion is TAXIDERMY!!!!!!

This little lady reminds me so much of Belina, Dorothy’s hen in Return to Oz. Can you see the resemblance?


Then I found these beautiful creations!!!

After a bit of OHHHHing and AAAAHHHing over these fabulous creatures, I found a few more things worth noting:

Some great clown mouths waiting to fill your balloon with helium!

The very best collection o booze bottles EVER!!!! Check out how cool the skeleton guy is, and the monk’s “holy water” is so very fun!


A great collection of heads!! Even this cute pair of anthropomorphic fruit!

     Fun actions figures!

Creepy clown heads!!                 

  A gorgeous dresser box I couldn’t resist, and some great local artists masterpieces!

Yep, a metal winged monkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A beautiful dress made of vintage jewelry and fabrics:


A wonderful day of shopping and searching!!! I highly recommend getting out yourself to check out all the great things these shops have to offer!!! Take your own pictures and show me what I might have missed!!


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