GO GO SHARKNADO!!! What a fintastic trilogy!!!

I can not properly express just how fun I think the whole Sharknado empire is!! First off, it’s just a brilliantly funny idea for a short, but to be able to turn it into not 1 but 3 full length films????!!! AMAZING!!! My hat goes off to the Sharknado creators and of course all the super awesome actors with all the surprisingly funny cameos!!!

Obviously with any great idea comes equally amazing marketing ideas and wondrously tempting merchandise. Let’s face it people I LOVE TOYS, and I LOVE SHARKS, so clearly I LOVE the FUNKO SHARKNADO!!!! This guy is one of the cutest designs! It was sculpted so masterfully, a perfect blend of the adorably viscous Shark and the equally devastating tornado, the PERFECT STORM OF AWESOMENESS!!!!

Thank you AGAIN FUNKO for making such wonderfully whimsical and original toys!! Keep it up guys! For the rest of us, we will keep on collecting and enjoying!!!


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