Dear FUNKO, a love letter from a Harry Potter MEGA FAN!!!!!!!!

Dear Funko, My nerd girl heart swoons with joy and delight over the newest members of the Pop Funko Vinyl Family, the beloved Harry Potter Collection.

I have been an uber fan of Harry Potter for as long as the books have been around. All nighters of reading just to finish the book only to be left hungry for more once completed. Once on a trip to visit my sister, immediately after Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince had been released, I was trying to finish it during the car ride. Please note that reading in a moving car makes me ever so nauseous!  So desperate to finish the book though, I would read all the way to the point of almost being ill, then I would stop reading and try to regain my composure, only to begin again once I was able!! I couldn’t help myself, I NEEDED to know what happened next!

I waited in lines at midnight book and movie releases. I have even listened to the audio book series on car rides over and over again!! Finally able to get my Potter fix on the go!! My family and I are actually getting to go to Universal Studios this October, with the wonderful Wizarding World of Harry Potter our single desire!!! I plan on buying one of each EVERYTHING and maybe even moving in!!

So imagine my surprise and overwhelming jubilance when I found out my favorite fun makers were adding Harry Potter and his friends to one of my favorite lines??!!! Well folks, the shipment arrived just the other day, and I can honestly say they have lived up to every want and expectation I had!!!!

Heading the series is, the boy who lived, Harry Potter himself! Spectacled and dressed in his classic school robes, Harry is armed with his holly wand containing at its core, a Phoenix feather from none other than Dumbledore’s esteemed pet, Fawkes, and of course his iconic lightening bolt scar! This figure is too adorable for words!

Ever by Harry’s side, his 2 best mates, Ron Weasley, also wearing the classic Hogwart’s school robes, and armed with his Spello-Tape repaired wand, and with the most brilliant bright orange hair (it honestly rivals mine!!). And Hermione Granger, looking smart in her robes and tossled, wavy  hair, also sporting her handy wand, my only wish was that she had the Time Turner necklace as an accessory!


Up next are 2 of Harry’s most loved supporters in the wizarding world, Rubeus Hagrid, Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts and professor of Care of Magical Creatures. Hagrid truly is Harry’s BIGGEST supporter and friend in life and in this great collection. Bushy bearded Hagrid, the half giant, towers over the other figures at 6″, and comes carrying his unassuming pink umbrella, believed to hold the remains of his wand destroyed by the Ministry of Magic years before Harry, due to the wicked lies of one Tom Marvolo Riddle. This POP Vinyl made me squeal with delight at the sight of him!!

By far the wisest of Harry’s friends is none other than our favorite Head Master, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. Our half moon spectacled, whited bearded, dear Dumbledore comes dressed in gorgeous purple robes, and the very cutest wizard hat one could hope for. With his hands clasped together in front, always looking so deep and thoughtful, in his presence one will always feel his guidance. My only wish for Dumbledore is that he had crystal blue eyes!

Without the dark there can be no light, so we of course have 2 of Harry’s least favorite characters. The man Harry understood far too late, but eventually would recognize as ““>the bravest man he ever knew“, Professor Severus Snape. Snape, as a character is deeper and more developed than any reader could have imagined, and this figure does him proud. His characteristic greasy black hair is parted perfectly to each side of his stern, knowing stare. Donning black robes, over a suit of royal purple, the splash of color to show his true inner light, with wand pointed down at his side indicating his readiness to duel for Harry’s life. It is not only my love of Snape, the character, but FUNKO’s awesome interpretation, that makes this one of my favorites in the collection.

Finally we come the Dark Lord himself, He Who Must not Be Named, Heir of Slytherin, You Know Who, Lord Voldemort. As Harry’s arch nemesis, this collection would not be complete without him. His flat, snake like, nose-less face, and down turned mouth, makes him quite menacing looking. Set apart from the rest he is robed in shades of grey, to mimic the darkness that he surrounded himself with his entire life. Arms raised accepting the praise of his Death Eaters, Voldemort holds his wand firmly, awaiting his moment to attack Harry, and anyone else who dares get in his way! The sculpt of him is awesome, I love the slits for nostrils, and think the color palette was genius, I only wish they had included Nagini at his feet, or even wrapped around his shoulders, as he is never without her, his favorite Horcrux!

I hope it is obvious to all that I truly LOVE this collection, and hope FUNKO continues to add more of these magnificent characters and hopefully creatures to it!!!

Maybe, just maybe they can start a doubled sided collection, so Professor Quirrell can have Lord Voldemort living on him, and one for Remus Lupin, with his Werewolf self on the other side! They can even have double dose of House Elves with Dobby and Kreacher!! I would love to see a Buckbeak and a Fawkes too. OOOHHH how about a set of mini’s of all the students animals??!!!


Make my Harry Potter FUNKO dreams come true!!

(and make me go broke in the process!!! HAHAHA)


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