What has 4 Horns, 6 Legs, and 2 Heads??? A Freaktastic Fun Day at the Fair

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending our county fair and it did not disappoint!! Not only was it filled with endless treats, rides and games, it offered up some of the sweetest little side show animal freaks I’ve seen!!!!

To kick things off there was the traditional Carni Barker outside the mysterious tent calling over people to “Come and witness some of natures most curious creations!!!” Well… I HAD to see for myself.  We paid our fair and entered.

We were greeted by, this adorable little guy, the 4 Horned Goat!!!!

I immediately fell in love and wanted to take him home with me!!! But thought better of trying to smuggle him out and proceeded onto…

The 6 Legged Cow!!!!

She was none too impressed with any of her visitors, but I can assure you we all though she was fabulous!!! Next to her, as you can peak from this picture was another of Nature’s colorful creations….

The Half Donky Half Zebra…ZONKEY!!!!

Notice how tall he is for a donkey and his wonderfully striped legs!!!! He was quite the charmer and delighted with pats and loving! Rounding the corner was the melodious bleats of these 2 cuties…

The 5 Legged Sheep!!!!

Yes folks there was 2 of these beauties hanging out together. So that’s 10 legs, 2 heads, and four ears all in one pen. It was quiet a sight to behold. Neighboring these lovely ladies was someone of a smaller stature…

The Miniature Bull!!!!

My daughter joked that he was trying to hide the sign, but was too short! This guy looked a little embarrassed but warmed up quickly.

And what would a tent of side show animals be without

taxidermied freaks and the gaffs ?

Some of the best tricks of the trade.

This was by far my favorite part of the entire fair! Even more than the sweet treats, I LOVE my sideshow FREAKS!!!! I hope all of you make it out to the fair this year. Be sure to show your friendly neighborhood freaks some love and them share the pictures with me!!!


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