Halloween Prep Time…this is serious business!!!


It can come as no surprise to anyone out there that I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!! My entire life I have been in love with Fall in general, but Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. As the saying goes “Halloween it’s not just a holiday it’s a lifestyle!!”

This being said I clearly love this time of year for many reasons:

  1. The smell in the air is intoxicating.
  2. The sound of leaves rustling along the ground is music to my ears.
  3. The beautiful shades of autumnal colors that spread through the trees, painting the world so wonderfully bright.
  4. The opportunity to wear hoodies,cute leggings and cuddle without melting!
  5. PUMPKIN EVERYTHING, seriously, it’s delicious!
  6. and… its the only time of year I get to buy my everyday household items!!!


Most people can buy plates, kitchen utensils, rugs, towels and any other household item, any time of the year. As a girl who decorates in Halloween all year round I can only do my shopping but once a year!! So I take this shopping opportunity quite seriously and I tend to get excited, some say is a bit too early.

This year I started decorating my home, with even more Halloween goodies September 1st! I have been told that this seems a bit too soon, but again I state, this is a lifestyle people! Clearly I have bigger decor that I am sadly unable to keep out all year round as my home is but a cute little hobbit sized doom-icile (doom-icile: a home decorated with love in a gloomy/creepy manor with the intention of bringing its Halloween loving occupants year round joy!) With the arrival of Fall I am able to bring out such rare and glorious finds to gaze upon with glee!

My first outing found me such Halloween goodies as:

An adorable Potion Bottle that actually functions as measuring cups!

Then there was this super cute Cookie Jar that would go along great with the measuring cups!Although those 2 finds were awesome they weren’t quite what I was looking for. Then I stumbled upon these great finds!

THESE are just what I was looking for!! I already have a sweet set of skeleton bowls from last years round of shopping but was still looking for plates!! My only complaint is that these guys are snack size plates, they didn’t make full sized ones.


As much as my family and I love the Latin holiday Dia de los Muertos, so much it was my daughter and my costumes last, year…

I didn’t think it really fit my kitchen decor, we decorate with vintage Halloween items in our kitchen!

We searched through 3 more stores only to realize that Halloween hadn’t even begun at some!!!! Ever vigilant we trekked off to one of our favorite antique shops in Cleveland called Sweet Lorain’s. To our delight we were greeted upon entering the shop by these glorious goodies!!

We have quite a weakness for blow molds in my household. The top 2 on the right are already among our collection, sadly since the witch on the right was missing her pumpkin (it fits onto the little nub she’s holding) she wasn’t able to make the cut this year.

Now THIS guy, actually has 2 sides to him, one side sad and the other happy. I have been wanting him for a while now and was super stoked to find him here!!

Another collection we have in out home is of vintage Halloween die cuts, most of these I remember from my childhood. Others are far too old for me to even have seen in real life, but searching endlessly on line has given me a good idea of just how much cooler Halloween was years ago!!! Just check out some of these awesome die cuts!

In the giant pile on the bottom shelf we found tons of cool designs, sadly not all were in the best of shape. We did manage to rescue these beauties from the pile though…

Just look how happy that spider is!!!! I have never even seen this guy in my online searches!!!!

We couldn’t leave without these guys!!! We even ended up getting a cute Pumpkin pail! In our adventure through the shop I did manage to find a few other choice items worth noting too.

I remember my grade school teachers decorating the walls with these plastic guys! I actually have the Owl hanging in my kitchen and do plan on going back to finish off the collection with the Witch, the Cat and the Pumpkin!

Now I am aware that year round I can shop online and find great Halloween decor and the likes, but there is something about shopping at Halloween time and finding this years limited run selections that makes the hunt worth while. We all know I LOVE my thrift shops, my vintage stores, and my sales, and Halloween treats found in such ways makes it feel like I have found treasure, something truly rare!!  This is why shopping at Halloween is such serious business to me, seriously awesome business!!!

When the time comes though and I really need to get the outside of my house looking good and spooky, you all know I got to my home town Halloween shop: Cleveland Street Novelties!!!!  This little cutie is newest member of my Spooky Halloween Cat clan!!

I do plan on continuing my search for new additions to my Halloween collections this year though, I have not given up, I still have a whole month and a half to shop!!

Let me know what you guys are finding in your neck of the woods, show me some of your favorite pieces in your personal collections!!! I love to see what other people are into, what makes others squeak with delight!!