Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Disney’s Magic Kingdom…BEST VACATION EVER!!!! Part 2

After the amazing adventures at Universal Studios we headed over to Epcot!! Lucky for us the Food and Wine Festival was happening while we were there, that means there was tons of tasty treats from all over the world!!

Although I thought Epcot was pretty, and my family adored the fireworks, I much more enjoy rides and attractions to shopping and eating. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE shopping and eating, but when hitting up Disney I wanted magic!!! So on day 4 of our vacation we headed off to the Magic Kingdom!!!

The Magic Kingdom did not disappoint!!! From the first sight of the happiest place on Earth I was hooked, just look at the cute Halloween welcome we received!! From top to bottom Disney was decked out for my favorite holiday and I was excited to say the least!

Just look at this super cute new obsession of mine!!! I really need to make myself one of these!!!

They even have these super cure not so scary scarecrows!!


But nothing prepares you for the very first time you see Cinderella’s Castle!!! You are immediately transported back to your childhood, and are overwhelmed with the reality of actually being at Disney World!!! This being our first visit it really hit me hard and I almost cried with joy!

After the shock wore off we raced over to The Haunted Mansion!!! Now the Grim Grinning Ghosts song has been a favorite of mine for years so this ride was top on my list to get to, and again it was filled with delightful surprises!!!


You’re greeted with a ghost horse drawn carriage, which reminded me so much of the Thestral drawn carriages in Harry Potter!!! Then they have the busts of some of the more notable deceased family members!

Bertie: An expert shot, in the end that’s what he got!

Aunt Florence: Never did a dishonorable deed, yet found face down in canary seed!

Uncle Jacob: Greed was the poison he had swallowed, he went first the others followed, his killer’s face he surely knew, now try to discover who killed who!

The Twins Wellington & Forsythia: Departed life while in their beds, with identical bumps on identical heads!

Cousin Maude: Our sleeping beauty who never awoke, the night her dreams went up in smoke!

Of course all along the path leading up to the Mansion there are tons of wonderful decorative details and many more tombstones.


Another fun on is the tomb of The Captain who blows bubbles and squirts water at you!!

But what even more fun are the interactive parts of the path!! Check out this dope tomb with motion activated instruments!!

On the very front side of this masterpiece is this even more magnificent skull decorated organ, which is also interactive!!!

Then, for one more treat, the right side features even more motion sensor instruments, but these ones are much creepier than the first!

As you round the corner you also come upon a lovely memorial set up that includes a poetry writing ghost who asks for your assistance with her pros!!


And then even more tombstones to get you ready just before you enter into the Mansion!

This section includes a very fun tombstone that watches you!!!

Inside the Mansion is everything I wish my house could look like, and the dancing ghosts were my very favorite thing!!!!


The end of the ride is very cute with these guys trying to hitch a ride home too!!

After this we were off and away on a great day of fun and excitement!!

We had to hit the iconic It’s a Small World ride, which I adored!!

The 7 Dwarfs mine ride was next! It also has fun interactive things to keep you entertained, like a this adorable wooden fountain with the cutest animals carved into it!!

And these cool barrels filled with gems that you spin to reveal a fun surprise!!

The ride itself is AWESOME too!!!

Once the ride is over, when leaving, stop and take a peak inside at Dopey and Snow White sharing a dance!

From Winnie the Pooh, The Mad Hatters Tea Cups, Stitches Great Escape, the Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor, Ariel’s ride, the Carousel, Splash Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, and on and on!! Not to mention the tons of Princess and character meet and greets we got to enjoy along with the super cool Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween party!!!!




Yep, Chauncey, our skeleton in the closet came along for the family vacation!!! And yes I did get in on a few of the meet and greets and you know we had to dress up for the Halloween party!!! And we HAD to get our ears!!!!!!!!!








Meeting Mickey was even more magical than I could have guessed! He actually talks and his eyes and mouth move!!! My daughter was even selected to do a magic trick with Mickey!!!! I, again had tears of joy in my eyes the entire time!!!

I will never be able to properly convey just how magical it all was but I encourage, nay, I INSIST everyone go for yourself and experience the magic and wonder of Disney!!!! I am already planning our 2nd trip for October 2017!!! If anyone has tips or suggestions please share them!!!! Have a Magical day!!!!

P.S. This was our faces as we left!!!

And yes, I wore my ears the whole way home!!!


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