Some Helpfull tips on how to make the most of your last few days of Halloween, and fulfill all your festive fall fantasies!!!!!

Well folks, this is it, the last full week of 2015’s Halloween. If you haven’t yet finished up all your Halloweenie activities you still can. Here are a few last minute ideas to help you get the most our of your last week of Halloween!!!

If you haven’t yet, go out and find yourself the best possible pumpkin you can. I like to go to a local farm to get ours, you get to have warm cider, and tasty treats, plus it looks so much like fall and Halloween, you really feel the full awesomeness of the season! In the Cleveland area I like going to Mapleside Farms the have a great bakery, tons of pumpkins and a very fun section set up with kid friendly activities, not to mention rows and rows of gorgeous pumpkins to pick from!! They also have a fun Zombie Paintball activity that gives you the opportunity to practice your shot for the zombie apocalypse!!

Once you have your perfect pumpkin, you’ll need to figure out how to carve it. Whether you choose to free hand a design or use a template make sure your pumpkin fits your style and personality. I like to keep with the theme of my costume, this year my youngest and I are going as blood thirsty vampires, and since my drawing skills are lacking I have picked out one of these lovely designs to try my hand at:

Although it will probably end up looking more like this…

I’ll be satisfied if it comes out like this…

This guy looks menacing and very festive!!! If you still haven’t decided just how your pumpkin will look here’s a few fun ideas:

Or if you prefer a challenge or something creepier, try this link:


I also recommend roasting your pumpkin seeds, they taste wonderful! Whether you like them savory or sweet, it’s a great fall treat!!

After you’ve got your pumpkin picked, carved, and lit, we can move onto costume prep!!! If you STILL don’t have a costume picked out, here are a few last minute quick and easy ideas:

Bag of Jelly Beans:

Freaky Butterfly Lady:

I love this one, Spider Woman:

Or any one of these great ideas will work too!

If you’re handy with a makeup brush try something like this:



OK, so now you have your house decorated with Jack o Lanterny goodness, you’ve got yourself all creeptastically done up, now its time to go get the crap scared out of you!!!!

Everyone has a local Haunt they love to frequent, each year they always get a little bit better and each year you have to go back and see what the new theme is! In Cleveland we have quite a few Haunts to try but I have a favorite, simply because it is put on by some of Ohio’s’ most talented make up and special effects artists around!

Robert Kurtzman’s MAD FX Lab, is a must see for any true Halloween aficionado! Known for there FX and Make up work on such horror greats as Friday the 13th: Jason Goes to Hell, Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, Army of Darkness, and From Dusk Till Dawn, along with tons of others, these guys and gals know how to scare the pants off you!!! Set out in the middle of a very small town, even the drive up will send chills down your spine!

Since I happen to visit the Kansas City area quite often I happen to have a great Haunt suggestion there too!!!

3rd Street Asylum happens to be run by my fabulous husband‘s cousins, so you know they know how to scare!!!

(we also used this location to shoot Last Stand, and Jack the Ripper)

Whats even cooler is that the Haunt is set up in an old school building which adds about a million degrees of creep to it. Just waiting in line outside this ominous building fills you with terror, then you also have the occasional monster running up behind you to really get you in the mood!!

With Halloween fast approaching though, you really need to get to these great local attractions NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The most important thing to do is to get out an enjoy every last minute of Halloween you can before its all gone and Christmas songs are ringing in your ears!!!!


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