Tofurkey goodness!!! How to survive Thanksgiving amongst the meat eaters!!


Well, Thanksgiving is upon us, and I for one cannot wait!!! You would think, as a vegetarian, I might not enjoy Thanksgiving, but I most certainly do!!! I LOVE any holiday which surrounds me with friends and family and is devoted to eating, drinking and having a wonderful time!

Since my family and I spend Thanksgiving at a friends house, being the only vegetarian, it can sometimes be a little hard to find enough sides to keep me stuffed, and I thought maybe some others out there might have the same issue. I have decided to share some of my favorite Thanksgiving dishes that happen to be free from meat but loaded with flavor and are quite filling!

To substitute for the traditional turkey, I usually go with Tofurky, but this year I am trying a Field Roast. This will be new for me, but I did still get the Tofurky gravy!! I LOVE gravy, and hey, it is Thanksgiving after all!!!

Along with tons of mashed potatoes, and my Field Roast, I usually like to take a special green been casserole. I know many of you make your version of this holiday classic, but I like to put a bit of a twist on mine. Generally this is the traditional green bean casserole recipe, which is completely fine, I however prefer to use fresh green beans, and instead of mushroom soup, I use cheddar cheese soup, I even add a little shredded cheese to make it even cheesier!! I do like adding the crunchy onion bits on top too, but this year I will be trying the caramelized version of said crunchy treat! (This year will have a few firsts for my Thanksgiving feast, to keep things lively!) Plus, I had never before seen such an option, so I had to try it! The creaminess of the cheese, the snap of the fresh green beans, and the crunch of the onion topping… it is all quite delicious!!!

What would Thanksgiving be without yams, or sweet potatoes, or whatever you like to call them. I call them YUMS!!!!! I prefer my sweet potatoes to be just that, SWEET, so I like to add all sorts of tasty goodness to them. When I was younger my mom would just open up a can and heat them up, needless to say it took me years before I truly appreciated how wonderful they can be. Again I like to use fresh sweet potatoes, let’s face it, fresh will always beat canned! This here is an easy savory recipe for your sweet potatoes, but like I said, I like mine sweet! Instead of olive oil, I use coconut oil, I sprinkle the potatoes with a good amount of brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, and add chopped pecans too. Once the sweet potatoes are cooked through I top them with copious amounts of mini marshmallows and let those toast up until brown.  This is how I get to enjoy a little taste of dessert even before the end of the meal!!!

Another favorite is the stuffing, or dressing, or whatever you call it!!! Now usually this is reserved for the meat-etarians in my family, but I am happy to announce I have found a tasty meet free version that satisfies!! This veggie stuffing recipe really hits the spot, but I do like to add a few more veggies than they say, and even add carrots and mushrooms too.

Whatever it is you like to eat, I hope you have the very best Thanksgiving!!! Make sure you share any of your favorite veggie recipes too, I love to try to things!!!