Just Jen’s Top 10 80’s Horror Movies

Hey Guys!! I just finished recording my Top 10 Horror Movies of the 80’s video! While it was super fun to make the list, I also found it very hard to limit myself to only 10!! So… I’ve decided to make an:

Honorable Mention List

(In no particular order…)

Yep… the original Friday the 13th! This classic will always hold a place in my heart. It features the ever lovable Kevin Bacon in one of his first feature length films, and although Pamela Voorhees, played by the remarkable Betsy Palmer, is the actual killer in this flick, Jason Voorhees, grows to become one the horror genre’s most recognizable and iconic killers. Along with that killer soundtrack created by Harry Manfredini, Its a true 80’s slasher flick that (did I mention?) was co-written by the super fabulous Victor Miller.

Fright Night is still one of my favorite Vampire movies to this day! This poster alone is also just too fabulous not to comment on, just look at how awesome that design is!! Fright Night combines the best parts of the 80’s cheese and fun horror make up and effects to make it a classic to me. I just love the idea of the late night horror host being asked to deal with real life vampires too! Everyone in the movie is so well cast, and each of them give just the right amount of heavy handed, overacting to their character, but it never tips too far, just enough to make it enjoyable!!

The Howling! Another great movie poster!! I swear they don’t make better posters than they did in the 80’s!!! This one sticks with me because I saw it on TV when I was too young to be watching such horrors! When she transforms into a werewolf on TV!!!! WHAT???? So amazingly scarring to my tender psyche!! I LOVE IT!

Something Wicked This Way Comes! I still love watching this a Halloween time! It just sings of my childhood, and makes me smile!

Re-Animator! Need I say more?? Such great gags and special effects!!

The Fly, by David Cronenberg! Cronenberg plays up the grossness of the transformation/mutation too wonderfully not to deserve a mention!

OK, so this is clearly not the original movie poster, but this design was too great not to share!! Check out the artist and some of his other sweet designs out HERE!! Silver Bullet is another movie I watched over and over again as a kid, I know its cheesy, but I LOVED it! Corey Haim was always a favorite of mine, and eventually Everett McGill, the werewolf preacher, would grow to be a fave of mine as well!

Another great example of diggity dope 80’s cover art!! Night of the Creeps, another great typically 80’s horror movie, with such quintessential 80’s costuming and hair! Too perfectly 80’s not to be given a mention!

Cannibal Holocaust, simply because it is too important in the history of the horror genre not to give it a shout out. So shocking for its time, and the first time a found footage movie like this was made! So much so that people believed it was real, and held director Ruggero Deodato in police custody until he could prove that the actors were in fact still alive! This is the start of the found footage horror movie, as far as I am aware of.

If you haven’t see the YouTube video of my top 10, here’s the list:













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