Horror Hound Weekend 2016!!!!


Hey guys and ghouls!!! This past weekend I had the pleasure of vending at one of my very favorite horror conventions, Horror Hound!!

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Many of you may know Horror Hound as a fabulous horror magazine, but they also throw 2 annual shows to help bring the horror community together and celebrate all things creepy!!

I wanted to share just a few highlights of my creeptacular weekend!!

I had the pleasure of getting to snap pics with some pretty big names like….

David Arquette, from Scream, and 8 Legged Freaks and…

Ted Raimi, from Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness, Spider-Man, Drag Me to Hell, Xena: Warrior Princess, and on an on!!

I also had the pleasure of having a few moments to chat with…

Pro Wrestler Kevin Thorn, and Nick Servies, from Scarlet Lane Brewing, who made a custom beer for Horror Hound!!! Such a cool idea, and a tasty beer to boot!!!

I was booth neighbors with one of the original Horror Hosts, Fritz The Night Owl!!

I got to share a few laughs with Jason Lively from Night of the Creeps, and A. Michael Lerner from The Curse of Michael Meyers, even a new friend Heather!!

Alan Kayser, the Bradster, from Night of the Creeps…

We even had dinner with Jill Whitlow from Night of the Creeps, Gary Riley from Summer School, and a whole crew of new and old friends!!

Along with all these wonderfully welcoming and awesome guests, Horror Hound hosts, Mask Fest, which is packed with talented artists!! Like the crew at Devil’s Workshop who made this gorgeous mask!!

Black Heart Enterprises made these amazingly detailed busts, that blew my mind!!

This bust of Ray Harryhausen, surrounded by all his creations had to be my favorite though!


Sometimes these creations are just there to creep you out!!!

And some are there to make you squeal with geekly delight!!!

To round out this fun filled fright fest Horror Hound packs the rooms with vendors, like yours truly. Artists who work on slightly smaller scales than the sculptors and special effects artists from Mask Fest, but who are equally talented and amazing!!

Here are just a small selection of my favorite things I saw!


I ended up getting my daughter one of these fabulously, meticulously created, 3D shadow boxes from Bob’s Burgers, of…..

Image result for the equestranauts

She of course flipped for it!!

Friends of mine bought this super dope shadow box of The Goonies

from another friend of mine over at Zombie-Works!

Tons of items caught my eye!!!

These great magnets were done by Marc Samson Designs!! You know I had to get one!






And here’s what my booth looked like….

filled with pretty little dead things!!

It pretty obvious that Horror Hound Weekend is a BLAST, and I encourage all horror geeks and freaks alike to make it a point to come out next March and join the fun!!!

Let me know if you have a favorite horror convention that you go to, they are being held all across the world!!!

Next up for me will be Cinema Wasteland, a hometown favorite that always feels more like a fun, friendly, freak family reunion, and I ALWAYS look forward to it!!!