31 Days of Horror Movie Reviews: #19 Prince of Darkness


Happy 19th Day of Halloween, one and all!!!!

Today I wanted to offer up a throw back Thursday and take a peek at John Carpenter‘s Prince of Darkness!!

This 1987 flick offers us up a fun peek at tons of Carpenter regulars…

The late great Donald Pleasence as the priest, Image result for prince of darkness

Victor Wong as Professor Howard Birack, Related image







Alice fricking Cooper, as the deadly “Street Schizo”!!! 

And a ton of others you’ll gleefully recognize!

The premise is a pretty good one, an Absolute Evil, that was captured thousands of years ago is about to awaken from its glass prison, to rise and raise Hell on Earth.

Our priest contacts a group of theoretical physicists to try and help him do battle. Sounds pretty cool right? Science and religion battling the ultimate evil is totally a movie I’d like to see! 

That’s not really what you get with Prince of Darkness sadly.







Our “Ultimate Evil” is just a whirling mass of green goo in an over sized test tube!

Funnily enough, instead of getting to actually see this wicked being, we get to see his disciples who are transformed via a spray of green goo liquid! It’s hilarious and kind of gross to watch!!

It reminded me of the dinosaur in Jurassic Park except not as deadly.

Big Trouble in Little China, talk about fun!!!!

And everyone’s favorite, 1978’s, Halloween, the epitome of a true horror classic!!!

So, now that we’ve taken a stroll down memory lane, to remember just how good Carpenter can be, let’s rate Prince of Darkness


I wanted to like it so much more, but sadly I could not! 


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31 Days of Horror Movie Reviews: #18 Black Rock


Happy 18th Day of Halloween, one and all!!!!

To celebrate Halloween today I thought we’d take a trip to Black Rock!!

This 2012 flick directed by Katie Aselton finds 3 ladies on a weekend get away trying to reconnect and recapture a childhood friendship that time has fractured.

Image result for black rock 2012

Sarah (Kate Bosworth), who has organized the outing, Abby (Katie Aselton) the married friend with a grudge, and Lou/Louise (Lake Bell), the grudge recipient! LOL!!

The tension is broken by the unexpected arrival of 3 guys hunting on the island.

Related image

Innocent flirting turns disastrous and out horror movie kicks in.

With this being another strong female attempt at horror I had wanted to love it, but again, it left me wanting!

A common problem I have is when people are supposed to be crying and there are no actual tears! Far too often these ladies are in fear of their lives and we get dry cheeks for miles! For gods sake people get some damn Visine if you can’t muster real tears! 






I also found that many of the characters didn’t act in a manner that seemed realistic. Former military men missing a shot a close range? Ladies running through the forest naked at night on nothing more than a scavenger hunt??!!

I’m sure its no surprise that Black Rock gets…





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31 Days of Horror Movie Reviews: #17 The Innkeepers


Happy 17th Day of Halloween, one and all!!!!

To celebrate the thinning of the veil between the living and the dead we take haunting look at…

The Innkeepers!!

Ti West‘s 2011 haunted offering, The Innkeepers, finds Claire (Sara Paxton) and Luke (Pat Healy), 2 employees of the Yankee Pedlars Inn, during its last weekend of business.

Image result for The Innkeepers

Obsessed with an old ghost story Claire and Luke decide to do a little paranormal investigation while they still have the chance.

Conveniently enough, an former star turned psychic, Leanne Rease-Jones (Kelly McGillis) happens to have just checked in.

With the help of Luke’s EVP recorder, Claire and Luke start to stir up some classic haunted house scares.

The Innkeepers offers up a fun number of jump scares and a pretty classic creepy ghost design too!! 

Ti West also does a good job of slowly building suspense and keeping the camera at slightly off angles to force the feeling of something being off.






It fell a little short though with its story telling though, and the sound design sometimes reminded me of a Scooby Doo episode or a scene out of The Haunted Mansion.

None of which are terrible things, I had just hoped for a more intense scare. I understand most ghosts can’t really hurt you, but if you go looking for ghosts, and then basically get scared to death by them, the movie falls a little flat. 

The Innkeepers was still a fun enough flick to score a…




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31 Days of Horror Movie Reviews: #16 Emelie


Happy 16th Day of Halloween, one and all!!!!

This fabulous Halloween Monday Funday, I thought we’d spend some time talking about Emelie!

This 2016 horror flick directed by Michael Thelin, who seems to have busied himself with videos and shorts.

Emelie, is a bit of a twist on the classic creepy babysitter movie that we’ve seen in the past. Think, The Hand that Rocks the Cradle, rather than When A Stranger Calls

Anna/Emelie (Sarah Bolger), is called in last minute to cover a babysitting gig for an anniversary celebrating couple, eager for a night out on the town. 

Image result for emelie 2015

Charged with caring for their 3 kids, Jacob (Joshua Rush), Sally (Carly Adams), and Christopher (Thomas Bair), Anna/Emelie seems the perfect babysitter.

Image result for emelie 2015

Things seems perfectly normal at first, until Anna/Emelie starts letting the kids get away with some pretty odd things, like coloring on the wall, feeding 1 kids pet to another pet, watching porn??!!!!

The film eventually, awkwardly, and annoyingly explains, just what Anna/Emelies’s motives are. This is where it lost me. I HATE when a movie has to explain itself, crazy can be for crazy sake, no explanation needed!  But when you try to put a sympathetic spin on crazy, and give a half ass back story for crazy, I’m OUT!!

Every parent fears leaving their child in someone else’s care, it’s natural, but this flick didn’t play on those notes well enough. Emelie was heavy enough with uneasiness, and tension, but when it came to fearing for the children’s lives, it just fell short!

Emelie gets…



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31 Days of Horror Movie Reviews: #15 The Blackcoat’s Daughter


Happy 15th Day of Halloween, one and all!!!!

Half way through our Halloween celebration I offer up The Blackcoat’s Daughter!

The Blackcoat’s Daughter offers up a delightfully haunting soundtrack to keep you on the edge, let’s take a listen… 

Our story takes place at an all girl Catholic boarding school, being let out for the holidays, with 2 students, Rose (Lucy Boyton) and Kat (Keirnan Shipka), being left to wait for their parents later arrival.

Related image

Although the younger and seemingly more innocent of the pair, Kat, seems to be experiencing some super natural phenomena which causes her to act peculiarly!! Like sneaking down into the school basement to worship to furnace…

Related image

or seeing demons!!

Image result for the blackcoat's daughter couple gif

As Kat becomes more insistent and certain that her parents won’t be arriving, and Rose gets increasingly creeped out, we get the introduction of a new character, Joan (Emma Roberts).

Stranded at a bus station, Joan is lucky enough to hitch a ride with a couple travelling the same way she is, who are mourning the anniversary of their daughters brutal murder.

Image result for the blackcoat's daughter Bill

The nonlinear time line and isolated winter setting, help keep us guessing, and on the edge of our seat. That coupled with the wonderful performance offered by our 3 ladies, The Blackcoat’s Daughter begs the question of just what would you do for companionship, what would you do to not feel alone? 

That being said, I think The Blackcoat’s Daughter missed the mark on delivering me enough horror to really make me love this flick. It tips its hand at the gore, but doesn’t go far enough for me to have really been shocked or horrified. I think if they had even lingered with the sound effects of it, and still cut away from it visually, it would have hit harder than it did.

The Blackcoat’s Daughter gets…




Related image

Not quite as scary as I like, but still worth a watch!! 

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31 Days of Horror Movie Reviews: #14 It Comes at Night


Happy 14th Day of Halloween, one and all!!!!

Let’s take a peek at this family centric, slow creeper of 2017, It Comes At Night!!

Distributed by A24 who has brought you such flicks as…

The Blackcoat’s Daughter

my fave of 2016,

The Witch

Under the Skin, The Lobster, Room, and many other memorable movies!

It Comes at Night, takes place in a mysterious post apocalyptic time, with a family of 3 held up in a house, trying to stay safe from an unknown evil. 

Related image

Dad Paul (Joel Edgerton), Mom Sarah (Carmen Ejogo) and their son, Travis (Kelvin Harrison Jr.) Although we never get the full story of what is happening outside this house, do know some sort of deadly sickness is spreading quickly.

Related image

When an intruder breaks in with a sob story about his own wife and young son, Paul and Sarah, are torn about what to do. 

Related image

Reluctantly, after much debate and careful planning, Paul, Sarah and Travis open their home to Will (Christopher Abbott), Kim (Riley Keough) and their son Andrew (Griffin Robert Faulkner).

The true horror starts to play out as suspicions and tensions build, as each father tries to keep their families safe.

Although It Comes at Night was able to maintain a nice level of tension, most of the scares were sadly found in Travis’s dreams. The most horrific scene though, that truly shook me, was at the very end, so the movie is definitely worth a watch!

It Comes at Night gets…


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31 Days of Horror Movie Reviews: #13 Hounds of Love


Happy 13th Day of Halloween, one and all!!!!

To celebrate this high-holy day, Friday the 13th, during Halloween season, I wanted to give you something to really howl about, 2016’s, Hounds of Love!!!

Hounds of Love stars Emma Booth, (Evelyn) and Stephen Curry (John) as a seemingly average dysfunctional couple who in reality are much more depraved than the neighbors could ever imagine! 

Related image

We meet up with our deadly duo when they happen upon their next victim, Vicky (Ashleigh Cummings), after she’s snuck out of her mom’s house to run off to a party.

Related image

The tension, immediately begins to build here, with Vicky’s impending doom on the horizon, and it never lets up until the very end!

With characters written so terrifyingly real, and moments so horrifically honest and imaginable, this movie could have easily gone too far into the grotesque side of the “torture porn” genre. A genre known for lovingly and obsessively, lingering on the brutality and violence of the situation. Instead Hounds of Love walks us right up to the edge and lets our imagination take the reins!

Related image

Of course none of this would have been possible if these horrible scenes hadn’t been so brilliantly acted as well!! Emma Booth and Ashleigh Cummings, both won awards for their gut wrenching performances!

Image result for hounds of love 2016

Hitting so many raw nerves, and doing it so well, director/writer, Ben Young, has really made a good impression with this, his first feature film!! I will be eager to see what he offers up next!

Another detail that  made this flick so horrific is this story is actually based on actual events. Although it doesn’t mention it, and our director may not have even realized it. There was a  young Canadian couple dubbed, the Barbie and Ken killers, a truly disgusting pair! 

For keeping me on the edge of my seat for 1 hour and 48 minutes, Hounds of Love gets…



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