The Headless Horseman Rides AGAIN!!!! Living Dead Dolls visit the magical world of Sleepy Hollow


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Washington Irving’s tale of terror, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, was first published in 1820. The story tells of a school teacher, Ichabod Crane, who comes to the quaint little village of Sleepy Hollow for a job. Finding the wealthiest man in town’s daughter to be quite a catch, Ichabod attempts to win the heart of Katrina Van Tassel. Being the lovely daughter of the wealthiest man, Katrina is not short on suitors, one of which is the town’s beefcakes, Brom Van Brunt. The race for her hand in marriage reaches its climax at a fabulous Halloween gathering held at the Van Tassel estate. Ichabod, enjoying all the decadence the event has to offer, also listens to the ghostly tales the locals, including Brom, have to tell of his quiet new hometown. Being a superstitious man, he is quickly spooked of the tales of haunted forests and of the dreaded Headless Horseman. Ichabod sadly fails to win the hand of Katrina and sets off into the night. Ichabod meets up with an eerie headless rider, and is never heard from again.

No one really knows what happened to Ichabod that night. Perhaps he merely ran off scared or left out of embarrassment, or perhaps the Headless Horseman succeeded in procuring himself a new head that night. We may never know, but 195 years later, this story still brings endless delight, chills and thrills to all who hear it.

When I was a kid my favorite version of this classic tale was Disney’s version. The characters were so unique looking and who doesn’t love a good sing a long song about ghosts and ghouls and a haunted Halloween night!? My family knows the entire song by heart and has been known to bust out into chorus unprovoked as the Halloween season creeps closer.

In 1999 Tim Burton, another one of my favorites, also tried his hand at this classic. He, along with Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci, and the endlessly talented, Christopher Walken, gave this story a bit of a spin in Sleepy Hollow. Deviating from the original story, Ichabod, played by Johnny Depp, is sent to the quiet little town of Sleepy Hollow to investigate some rather odd murders.  It was a great success in my eyes, and I still watch it every October as well!

As with all great stories comes wonderful merchandise and collectibles!! All those trinkets that keep our favorite things surrounding us and providing endless joy and fabulous conversation pieces for our guests to admire. Sleepy Hollow is no different! Many companies have put out their own versions to pay homage to this macabre masterpiece, but my newest favorite is Mezco’s version!

The Living Dead Doll version of The Headless Horseman is a wonderful nod to Irving’s fabulous story. The costume is well made too, from his super cool black boots, to his red satin lined black cape, delicate belt and buttons, no detail was overlooked. The very best detail though is his evil grinned pumpkin head!!! It is of course removable, but also has a lovely red interior to his neck stump!! Let’s be real, if you loose your head, it’s gonna be bloody, and Mezco took that into consideration as well!!

I am so delighted to add this version of the Headless Horseman to my collection of creeptacular decor! I highly recommend getting one of your very own to play with!

Check out the video review for the full scoop on The Headless Horsemans’ fabulosity!!! Let me know what you think of him and any other dolls you may have in your own collection!