Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Disney’s Magic Kingdom…BEST VACATION EVER!!!! Part 2


After the amazing adventures at Universal Studios we headed over to Epcot!! Lucky for us the Food and Wine Festival was happening while we were there, that means there was tons of tasty treats from all over the world!!

Although I thought Epcot was pretty, and my family adored the fireworks, I much more enjoy rides and attractions to shopping and eating. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE shopping and eating, but when hitting up Disney I wanted magic!!! So on day 4 of our vacation we headed off to the Magic Kingdom!!!

The Magic Kingdom did not disappoint!!! From the first sight of the happiest place on Earth I was hooked, just look at the cute Halloween welcome we received!! From top to bottom Disney was decked out for my favorite holiday and I was excited to say the least!

Just look at this super cute new obsession of mine!!! I really need to make myself one of these!!!

They even have these super cure not so scary scarecrows!!


But nothing prepares you for the very first time you see Cinderella’s Castle!!! You are immediately transported back to your childhood, and are overwhelmed with the reality of actually being at Disney World!!! This being our first visit it really hit me hard and I almost cried with joy!

After the shock wore off we raced over to The Haunted Mansion!!! Now the Grim Grinning Ghosts song has been a favorite of mine for years so this ride was top on my list to get to, and again it was filled with delightful surprises!!!


You’re greeted with a ghost horse drawn carriage, which reminded me so much of the Thestral drawn carriages in Harry Potter!!! Then they have the busts of some of the more notable deceased family members!

Bertie: An expert shot, in the end that’s what he got!

Aunt Florence: Never did a dishonorable deed, yet found face down in canary seed!

Uncle Jacob: Greed was the poison he had swallowed, he went first the others followed, his killer’s face he surely knew, now try to discover who killed who!

The Twins Wellington & Forsythia: Departed life while in their beds, with identical bumps on identical heads!

Cousin Maude: Our sleeping beauty who never awoke, the night her dreams went up in smoke!

Of course all along the path leading up to the Mansion there are tons of wonderful decorative details and many more tombstones.


Another fun on is the tomb of The Captain who blows bubbles and squirts water at you!!

But what even more fun are the interactive parts of the path!! Check out this dope tomb with motion activated instruments!!

On the very front side of this masterpiece is this even more magnificent skull decorated organ, which is also interactive!!!

Then, for one more treat, the right side features even more motion sensor instruments, but these ones are much creepier than the first!

As you round the corner you also come upon a lovely memorial set up that includes a poetry writing ghost who asks for your assistance with her pros!!


And then even more tombstones to get you ready just before you enter into the Mansion!

This section includes a very fun tombstone that watches you!!!

Inside the Mansion is everything I wish my house could look like, and the dancing ghosts were my very favorite thing!!!!


The end of the ride is very cute with these guys trying to hitch a ride home too!!

After this we were off and away on a great day of fun and excitement!!

We had to hit the iconic It’s a Small World ride, which I adored!!

The 7 Dwarfs mine ride was next! It also has fun interactive things to keep you entertained, like a this adorable wooden fountain with the cutest animals carved into it!!

And these cool barrels filled with gems that you spin to reveal a fun surprise!!

The ride itself is AWESOME too!!!

Once the ride is over, when leaving, stop and take a peak inside at Dopey and Snow White sharing a dance!

From Winnie the Pooh, The Mad Hatters Tea Cups, Stitches Great Escape, the Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor, Ariel’s ride, the Carousel, Splash Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, and on and on!! Not to mention the tons of Princess and character meet and greets we got to enjoy along with the super cool Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween party!!!!




Yep, Chauncey, our skeleton in the closet came along for the family vacation!!! And yes I did get in on a few of the meet and greets and you know we had to dress up for the Halloween party!!! And we HAD to get our ears!!!!!!!!!








Meeting Mickey was even more magical than I could have guessed! He actually talks and his eyes and mouth move!!! My daughter was even selected to do a magic trick with Mickey!!!! I, again had tears of joy in my eyes the entire time!!!

I will never be able to properly convey just how magical it all was but I encourage, nay, I INSIST everyone go for yourself and experience the magic and wonder of Disney!!!! I am already planning our 2nd trip for October 2017!!! If anyone has tips or suggestions please share them!!!! Have a Magical day!!!!

P.S. This was our faces as we left!!!

And yes, I wore my ears the whole way home!!!

Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Disney’s Magic Kingdom… BEST Vacation EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Part 1


Yep… That’s me, my youngest daughter and my husband at the Wonderful Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando FL!!! This was only the beginning of our fabulous adventures in FL!!

As some of you may know from my previous Harry Potter post, I am a HUGE fan of the books, and the movies, and just about every merchandised item that has come out. So when I heard about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in FL, I knew my family and I would have to make the pilgrimage some day!! Then I heard they had added onto what was originally built!!! I knew the time was now!!!! So my family and I headed south for the vacation of a lifetime!

Outside the secret entrance (via Universal Studios) we spotted Stan Shunpike and the Knight Bus!! Oh, and we also had a very fun interaction with the Jamaican shrunken head, who was quite quick witted!!


We also got a chance to see Kreacher sneaking a peak at all the dirty Muggles outside 12 Grimmauld Place!!


Before entering Diagon Alley, we decided to give the Ministry of Magic a ring on the phone. There’s a number on the dial which you use to dial up and hear a recorded message from the Ministry!!! Such a cool detail!

Upon entering into Diagon Alley my daughter could hardly contain her joy!!! Just look at the excitement on her face!!!

It was truly magical!!! No detail was over looked! Our first stop was Ollivander’s to get my little witch her first wand!! We knew about the Harry Potter Wand Experience, where a group of visitors are brought into the back part of Ollivander’s for a fabulous interactive wand choosing experience. We were in a group of about 10-12, and a younger couple was chosen to experience the magic first hand. It was so very fun the way Ollivander’s representative witch explained how the wand chooses the wizard as much the other way and they would intern learn from one another. The couple tried their hand a a couple wands with not so outstanding results. A vase of flowers were wilted away with one wayward spell, a group of books disheveled by the wrong wand. Until at last they were each paired with the right wand for them.

As we were leaving with our group Ollivander’s witch stopped my daughter, and told her she had felt very powerful magic from her. The rest of the group was now gone and my family and I were in the room all alone for the most magical one on one wand experience EVER!!! My daughter tried her hand at a couple wands before the perfect one found her! The witch at Ollivander’s was such a wonderful performer and made the experience feel as real as possible and as magical as the movie itself!!! I had tears of joy and excitement in my eyes and goose bumps the entire time!!! Just look at the fun we had!!!

Even the lights dimmed as a spotlight shone on her once the right wand was found!!! With each interactive wand comes a map of Diagon Alley and Hogsmead, detailing spots where each witch or wizard can try out their spell work. Armed with this knowledge, we quickly headed over to get a good set of robes to complete the look! Even the mirror complimented my daughter on how stylish she looked!

After shopping, we needed some much deserved libations, and what else but Butterbeer would suffice!

I wondered just how good it could be as I read a million reviews of its glory and I promise you I was not disappointed!!! I drank more Butterbeer than water while there for I knew I would not have such delectable treats back in the Muggle world!! I recommend the frozen Butterbeer over just the cold, it tastes so much more refreshing!!

We next raced over to the Harry Potter’s escape from Gringott’s ride. The detail payed to each section of this ride, even waiting in line was a thrill!! I had to do a double take on the animatronic goblins, I thought they were actors the movements were so real!!

The ride itself was just as mind blowing!! Its a combination of ride and 3D visual screen effects. You find yourself careening through the tunnels past the vaults of Gringott’s with the music from the movie building the suspense as you go! First lead by Griphook, one of the goblins, then set loose on a run away cart once your presence is detected by Gringott’s defenses. You encounter Belatrix Lestrange and even Lord Voldemort himself all while trying to escape, just like Harry, Ron and Hermione in the movie!! You feel yourself being almost toasted by a dragon, hosed down with water, and then plummeting towards your doom, only to be saved by the fabulous Bill Weasley!! This ride is so wonderfully intense and like nothing I had ever experienced before!!!! The whole family LOVED it!!!!

Once you exit Gringott’s Bank there is this awesome statue of a goblin standing atop a huge stack of gold coins:

Oh and did I mention there is a dragon on top of the bank that breathes fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was so damn cool!!!!! Even when it wasn’t breathing fire it was breath taking!

Everyone at Diagon Alley really gets into their roles as well.

And the details everywhere were astounding!! Like this super cool fountain, that happened to also offer young wizards the chance to try out their new wand skills!!


We caught the Celestina Warbeck and the Banshees show as well while in Diagon Alley.

We made stops at Honeydukes for some pumpkin juice and by Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes too.

You can even adopt any number of magical creatures at the pet shop as well!!!

They also had a super cool snowy owl puppet whose head would rotate!!! And outside was a giant animatronic snake, clearly a kin of Nagini’s!!

Of course we also had to take a walk on the dark side as well, and made our way through the dark winding alleys to reach Knockturn Alley!

Borgin and Burkes did not disappoint, it was filled from ceiling to floor with all sorts of dark arts memorabilia and supplies.



We even saw the vanishing cabinet Draco Malfoy used to sneak Death Eaters into Hogwart’s!!!

Again I state, no detail was overlooked when they created this magical world, and I truly felt as though I was inside J.K. Rowling’s wonderfully magical and whimsical world!!!

Once we exhausted ourselves in Diagon Alley it was time to take the Hogwart’s express over to Hogsmead and see the the Hogwart’s Castle!!!!

The streets of London wiz by as you make your way to Hogsmead! Along the way you get to hear and see other passengers walking past your door, even Harry, Ron and Hermione!!! There are also a few other surprises for those riding the train, but I’ll keep somethings a secret!! I do insist you ride the train both ways! As in real life, the trip back is always different than the trip there!!!

Hogsmead has the most quaint shops and each one is capped with snow!! It is magical to say the least!

After a stop off for some grub at The 3 Broom Sticks…

check out the dope decor!!! And the food was SPECTACULAR!!

Next we headed off to see Hogwart’s and experience all it had to offer including the Forbidden Journey ride!!!

This was another 3D super interactive mind blowing ride through the halls and secret tunnels of Hogwart’s even the quidditch field!!! But before we even got to the ride the interior was just as magnificent as you would hope!

Talking and moving pictures interact with one another and entertain all those present.

Even the Fat Lady brags about her glorious Gryffindors and their accomplishments!

You walk past the entrance to Dumbledore’s office, the Mirror of Erised, classroom doors, even Dumbledore himself, along with Ron, Hermione, and Harry! The Sorting Hat also provides entertainment!! Again with wind, fire and water, it is another memorable ride!!

In Hogsmead we caught the Singing Toads concert, along with a fabulous show of talents by the lovely Veela’s of Beauxbaton’s Academy and the hardy gents of Drumstrang!!

After the show we went over to the Flight of the Hippogriff ride!! In line you get a close up peek at Hagrid’s Hut!


The best part though is the super dope animatronic Hippogriff Buckbeak who sits in his giant nest bowing to all riders as they ride by.

This is a ride the whole family can enjoy too. Fast, and fun without too many steep drops, and it was just about the smoothest roller coaster I’ve ever been on!!

Be sure to stop by the Owl Post and mail yourself some super cool postcards. They even use the Hogsmead stamp on them!!!

As we made out way back to the Train Station, with joy in our hearts, we knew that some day we’d have to come back!!!

I hope this has inspired all you Harry Potter fans out there to do your very best to go and experience the magic for yourself!! From what I’ve read J.K. Rowling herself made sure each detail met her standards, so you know its the real deal!!

Remember to take pics and share them too!!! Have fun and safe travels!!!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my fabulous family vacation to Florida!!!!

Halloween Prep Time…this is serious business!!!


It can come as no surprise to anyone out there that I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!! My entire life I have been in love with Fall in general, but Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. As the saying goes “Halloween it’s not just a holiday it’s a lifestyle!!”

This being said I clearly love this time of year for many reasons:

  1. The smell in the air is intoxicating.
  2. The sound of leaves rustling along the ground is music to my ears.
  3. The beautiful shades of autumnal colors that spread through the trees, painting the world so wonderfully bright.
  4. The opportunity to wear hoodies,cute leggings and cuddle without melting!
  5. PUMPKIN EVERYTHING, seriously, it’s delicious!
  6. and… its the only time of year I get to buy my everyday household items!!!


Most people can buy plates, kitchen utensils, rugs, towels and any other household item, any time of the year. As a girl who decorates in Halloween all year round I can only do my shopping but once a year!! So I take this shopping opportunity quite seriously and I tend to get excited, some say is a bit too early.

This year I started decorating my home, with even more Halloween goodies September 1st! I have been told that this seems a bit too soon, but again I state, this is a lifestyle people! Clearly I have bigger decor that I am sadly unable to keep out all year round as my home is but a cute little hobbit sized doom-icile (doom-icile: a home decorated with love in a gloomy/creepy manor with the intention of bringing its Halloween loving occupants year round joy!) With the arrival of Fall I am able to bring out such rare and glorious finds to gaze upon with glee!

My first outing found me such Halloween goodies as:

An adorable Potion Bottle that actually functions as measuring cups!

Then there was this super cute Cookie Jar that would go along great with the measuring cups!Although those 2 finds were awesome they weren’t quite what I was looking for. Then I stumbled upon these great finds!

THESE are just what I was looking for!! I already have a sweet set of skeleton bowls from last years round of shopping but was still looking for plates!! My only complaint is that these guys are snack size plates, they didn’t make full sized ones.


As much as my family and I love the Latin holiday Dia de los Muertos, so much it was my daughter and my costumes last, year…

I didn’t think it really fit my kitchen decor, we decorate with vintage Halloween items in our kitchen!

We searched through 3 more stores only to realize that Halloween hadn’t even begun at some!!!! Ever vigilant we trekked off to one of our favorite antique shops in Cleveland called Sweet Lorain’s. To our delight we were greeted upon entering the shop by these glorious goodies!!

We have quite a weakness for blow molds in my household. The top 2 on the right are already among our collection, sadly since the witch on the right was missing her pumpkin (it fits onto the little nub she’s holding) she wasn’t able to make the cut this year.

Now THIS guy, actually has 2 sides to him, one side sad and the other happy. I have been wanting him for a while now and was super stoked to find him here!!

Another collection we have in out home is of vintage Halloween die cuts, most of these I remember from my childhood. Others are far too old for me to even have seen in real life, but searching endlessly on line has given me a good idea of just how much cooler Halloween was years ago!!! Just check out some of these awesome die cuts!

In the giant pile on the bottom shelf we found tons of cool designs, sadly not all were in the best of shape. We did manage to rescue these beauties from the pile though…

Just look how happy that spider is!!!! I have never even seen this guy in my online searches!!!!

We couldn’t leave without these guys!!! We even ended up getting a cute Pumpkin pail! In our adventure through the shop I did manage to find a few other choice items worth noting too.

I remember my grade school teachers decorating the walls with these plastic guys! I actually have the Owl hanging in my kitchen and do plan on going back to finish off the collection with the Witch, the Cat and the Pumpkin!

Now I am aware that year round I can shop online and find great Halloween decor and the likes, but there is something about shopping at Halloween time and finding this years limited run selections that makes the hunt worth while. We all know I LOVE my thrift shops, my vintage stores, and my sales, and Halloween treats found in such ways makes it feel like I have found treasure, something truly rare!!  This is why shopping at Halloween is such serious business to me, seriously awesome business!!!

When the time comes though and I really need to get the outside of my house looking good and spooky, you all know I got to my home town Halloween shop: Cleveland Street Novelties!!!!  This little cutie is newest member of my Spooky Halloween Cat clan!!

I do plan on continuing my search for new additions to my Halloween collections this year though, I have not given up, I still have a whole month and a half to shop!!

Let me know what you guys are finding in your neck of the woods, show me some of your favorite pieces in your personal collections!!! I love to see what other people are into, what makes others squeak with delight!!

A Nightmare Come True: Horror Legend, Wes Craven Dies at age 76


The horror community has been rocked by the news of the passing of, some say the greatest horror director of all time, Wes Craven.

Most people know Wes Craven as the father of Freddy Krueger. As the creator of https://www.youtube.com/embed/dCVh4lBfW-c“>A Nightmare on Elm Street Wes introduced one of the most beloved and feared horror characters EVER! This franchise alone is enough to set Wes apart from all others in the industry.

Others remember and honor Wes Craven for flipping the script on the horror genre with his groundbreaking film https://www.youtube.com/embed/23jmjs-rMGI“>Scream. A film that takes a hard look at the cliches of a horror film, even lists “how to survive a horror film” and then crushes those cliches and creates real terror for the audience in a whole new way.

As wonderful, and fun, and historically important in the horror industry, as these films are, they were not Wes’ first horrific creations. Wes Craven’s first hand at horror was in 1972 with https://www.youtube.com/embed/k6relcX5X0U“>Last House on the Left. A film that many thought https://www.youtube.com/embed/m5HMeYj9gCA“>went too far at creating real life horror. The films follows two young girls as they are kidnapped, taken into the woods, tortured, and killed, for no other reason than for the enjoyment and entertainment of their attackers. The premise is one that many writers and directors would try and imitate over the years.

https://www.youtube.com/embed/95C1wxkwMeA“>The Hills Have Eyes, another creation of Craven’s wonderfully warped mind. This one left us fearing family vacations, and what the unknown road had in store for the innocent and unprepared.

One of my favorites has to be https://www.youtube.com/embed/CEyQIcuGwDw“>The People Under the Stairs though. A great tale of bad people getting their comeuppance.

The list of film credits goes on, and if you include all those he inspired, and continues to inspire, that list is truly infinite. What I will remember Wes Craven for most is how thoughtful and intellectual he was about his horror. With a master’s degree in philosophy and writing no one can doubt just why his films hit us so hard and effectively. https://www.youtube.com/embed/XKqMVjc9RkI“>His explanation of the basis of our fears is masterful!!

Wes Craven’s life work has changed the lives of so many and he will forever be a considered one of the greatest icons in the horror community. I stand alongside my fellow horror fans today and mourn the loss of a great man, a brilliant mind, a kind heart, and a true legend.

What has 4 Horns, 6 Legs, and 2 Heads??? A Freaktastic Fun Day at the Fair


This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending our county fair and it did not disappoint!! Not only was it filled with endless treats, rides and games, it offered up some of the sweetest little side show animal freaks I’ve seen!!!!

To kick things off there was the traditional Carni Barker outside the mysterious tent calling over people to “Come and witness some of natures most curious creations!!!” Well… I HAD to see for myself.  We paid our fair and entered.

We were greeted by, this adorable little guy, the 4 Horned Goat!!!!

I immediately fell in love and wanted to take him home with me!!! But thought better of trying to smuggle him out and proceeded onto…

The 6 Legged Cow!!!!

She was none too impressed with any of her visitors, but I can assure you we all though she was fabulous!!! Next to her, as you can peak from this picture was another of Nature’s colorful creations….

The Half Donky Half Zebra…ZONKEY!!!!

Notice how tall he is for a donkey and his wonderfully striped legs!!!! He was quite the charmer and delighted with pats and loving! Rounding the corner was the melodious bleats of these 2 cuties…

The 5 Legged Sheep!!!!

Yes folks there was 2 of these beauties hanging out together. So that’s 10 legs, 2 heads, and four ears all in one pen. It was quiet a sight to behold. Neighboring these lovely ladies was someone of a smaller stature…

The Miniature Bull!!!!

My daughter joked that he was trying to hide the sign, but was too short! This guy looked a little embarrassed but warmed up quickly.

And what would a tent of side show animals be without

taxidermied freaks and the gaffs ?

Some of the best tricks of the trade.

This was by far my favorite part of the entire fair! Even more than the sweet treats, I LOVE my sideshow FREAKS!!!! I hope all of you make it out to the fair this year. Be sure to show your friendly neighborhood freaks some love and them share the pictures with me!!!

Dear FUNKO, a love letter from a Harry Potter MEGA FAN!!!!!!!!


Dear Funko, My nerd girl heart swoons with joy and delight over the newest members of the Pop Funko Vinyl Family, the beloved Harry Potter Collection.

I have been an uber fan of Harry Potter for as long as the books have been around. All nighters of reading just to finish the book only to be left hungry for more once completed. Once on a trip to visit my sister, immediately after Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince had been released, I was trying to finish it during the car ride. Please note that reading in a moving car makes me ever so nauseous!  So desperate to finish the book though, I would read all the way to the point of almost being ill, then I would stop reading and try to regain my composure, only to begin again once I was able!! I couldn’t help myself, I NEEDED to know what happened next!

I waited in lines at midnight book and movie releases. I have even listened to the audio book series on car rides over and over again!! Finally able to get my Potter fix on the go!! My family and I are actually getting to go to Universal Studios this October, with the wonderful Wizarding World of Harry Potter our single desire!!! I plan on buying one of each EVERYTHING and maybe even moving in!!

So imagine my surprise and overwhelming jubilance when I found out my favorite fun makers were adding Harry Potter and his friends to one of my favorite lines??!!! Well folks, the shipment arrived just the other day, and I can honestly say they have lived up to every want and expectation I had!!!!

Heading the series is, the boy who lived, Harry Potter himself! Spectacled and dressed in his classic school robes, Harry is armed with his holly wand containing at its core, a Phoenix feather from none other than Dumbledore’s esteemed pet, Fawkes, and of course his iconic lightening bolt scar! This figure is too adorable for words!

Ever by Harry’s side, his 2 best mates, Ron Weasley, also wearing the classic Hogwart’s school robes, and armed with his Spello-Tape repaired wand, and with the most brilliant bright orange hair (it honestly rivals mine!!). And Hermione Granger, looking smart in her robes and tossled, wavy  hair, also sporting her handy wand, my only wish was that she had the Time Turner necklace as an accessory!


Up next are 2 of Harry’s most loved supporters in the wizarding world, Rubeus Hagrid, Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts and professor of Care of Magical Creatures. Hagrid truly is Harry’s BIGGEST supporter and friend in life and in this great collection. Bushy bearded Hagrid, the half giant, towers over the other figures at 6″, and comes carrying his unassuming pink umbrella, believed to hold the remains of his wand destroyed by the Ministry of Magic years before Harry, due to the wicked lies of one Tom Marvolo Riddle. This POP Vinyl made me squeal with delight at the sight of him!!

By far the wisest of Harry’s friends is none other than our favorite Head Master, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. Our half moon spectacled, whited bearded, dear Dumbledore comes dressed in gorgeous purple robes, and the very cutest wizard hat one could hope for. With his hands clasped together in front, always looking so deep and thoughtful, in his presence one will always feel his guidance. My only wish for Dumbledore is that he had crystal blue eyes!

Without the dark there can be no light, so we of course have 2 of Harry’s least favorite characters. The man Harry understood far too late, but eventually would recognize as “https://www.youtube.com/embed/RhOQ4VW6xV8“>the bravest man he ever knew“, Professor Severus Snape. Snape, as a character is deeper and more developed than any reader could have imagined, and this figure does him proud. His characteristic greasy black hair is parted perfectly to each side of his stern, knowing stare. Donning black robes, over a suit of royal purple, the splash of color to show his true inner light, with wand pointed down at his side indicating his readiness to duel for Harry’s life. It is not only my love of Snape, the character, but FUNKO’s awesome interpretation, that makes this one of my favorites in the collection.

Finally we come the Dark Lord himself, He Who Must not Be Named, Heir of Slytherin, You Know Who, Lord Voldemort. As Harry’s arch nemesis, this collection would not be complete without him. His flat, snake like, nose-less face, and down turned mouth, makes him quite menacing looking. Set apart from the rest he is robed in shades of grey, to mimic the darkness that he surrounded himself with his entire life. Arms raised accepting the praise of his Death Eaters, Voldemort holds his wand firmly, awaiting his moment to attack Harry, and anyone else who dares get in his way! The sculpt of him is awesome, I love the slits for nostrils, and think the color palette was genius, I only wish they had included Nagini at his feet, or even wrapped around his shoulders, as he is never without her, his favorite Horcrux!

I hope it is obvious to all that I truly LOVE this collection, and hope FUNKO continues to add more of these magnificent characters and hopefully creatures to it!!!

Maybe, just maybe they can start a doubled sided collection, so Professor Quirrell can have Lord Voldemort living on him, and one for Remus Lupin, with his Werewolf self on the other side! They can even have double dose of House Elves with Dobby and Kreacher!! I would love to see a Buckbeak and a Fawkes too. OOOHHH how about a set of mini’s of all the students animals??!!!


Make my Harry Potter FUNKO dreams come true!!

(and make me go broke in the process!!! HAHAHA)

GO GO SHARKNADO!!! What a fintastic trilogy!!!


I can not properly express just how fun I think the whole Sharknado empire is!! First off, it’s just a brilliantly funny idea for a short, but to be able to turn it into not 1 but 3 full length films????!!! AMAZING!!! My hat goes off to the Sharknado creators and of course all the super awesome actors with all the surprisingly funny cameos!!!

Obviously with any great idea comes equally amazing marketing ideas and wondrously tempting merchandise. Let’s face it people I LOVE TOYS, and I LOVE SHARKS, so clearly I LOVE the FUNKO SHARKNADO!!!! This guy is one of the cutest designs! It was sculpted so masterfully, a perfect blend of the adorably viscous Shark and the equally devastating tornado, the PERFECT STORM OF AWESOMENESS!!!!

Thank you AGAIN FUNKO for making such wonderfully whimsical and original toys!! Keep it up guys! For the rest of us, we will keep on collecting and enjoying!!!